How To Tell If A Dog Is In Heat And Should Be Sterilized?

Pedestrians are a must-have behavior in adult dogs and, of course, reproduction is indispensable to maintain the lineage of all species. Higher animals have extremely strong reproductive lives, including dogs. As a child, the dog was still not in heat. But as they develop during puberty, the likelihood of oestrus will gradually develop until they reach maturity and diminish as their age increases.
Puppies have no need to breed, but as early as 5 weeks of age, puppies get used to mating

. They do not know what they are doing but the "sticking" success can set a new step in the relationship between the two puppies. Observers argue that this behavior is more about establishing territorial dominance than the expression of an estrus dog.
Under the influence of hormones at puberty, the sexual instincts of males and females gradually appear
They begin to receive sexual messages and when the opportunity arises, the males and females are ready to perform their duties

. Males and females have different approaches to sexual acts at different intervals. Males are always looking for opportunities to mate, while females only mate during the season.
Arousal or arousal is a dog's natural behavior.
Pedestrial dogs: Male jumping behavior
Females first mate when they are about 6 to 12 months old. Small dogs will heat sooner than older dogs because they mature faster. When preparing for the first oestrus, the female ovaries will gradually mature and their blood estrogen levels will rise dramatically. Those are signs that they are ready and interested in mating
The female will also notice male dogs and flirt with them (to some extent), some will also have swelling and bleeding of the vulva

If the male dog tries to mate with a female dog in heat, the female dog will return to growling or rebuffing the male dog. The female body will reach its climax in ovulation after the pre-estrous period lasts about 10 days. After that, the female dog was really ready for the male dog to flirt and mate.
Female dogs will be able to choose among many male dogs but sometimes their choices are limited. To attract the attention of the male dog, the female often hangs and waggly tails in front of the male dog. When the male dog rides on the female, the female will stand firm and even twist the hip so that the male can move inside more smoothly. After mating, the female tightens the vaginal muscles around the male's penis and holds it for 20 to 30 minutes.
After puberty, female dogs can be in heat and reproduce one to four times per year

. The average number of oestrus dogs is twice a year.
Male dogs will reproduce twice a year.
Lứa How many litters are there in a year?
Pedestrians: A sexual dog behavior
Testosterone levels will rise in young males and peak when they are 5 months of age. At this time, the estrous male dog can become a nuisance for the owner, such as when the dog is in heat, he will be able to hug his legs, table legs, pillows to simulate mating. of dogs. At 7 months, the male will attempt to mate and be attracted to the female pheromone. This male attractant is methyl PHBA - a substance that is high in the urine and vaginal discharge of female dogs during estrus.
Dogs are estrous and usually mate for the first time when they are about 1 year old

. The female dog will assist and guide the male dog to successfully mate with each other. The bulbus glands located at the base of the male penis will expand and be surrounded by the vaginal muscles of the bitch. Meanwhile, the male dog and the female dog will "stick" with each other. Males may turn in the opposite direction of the female but their genitals are still connected. These bulbus glands must be scaled down for two dogs to be able to separate.
Over 12 months or more, dogs have begun to show signs of arousal.
Variety in oestrus dog behavior
Isolated male dogs will tend to have an unusual tendency to extend the period of sex compared to other normal dogs. This proves that in order for dogs to be in heat, dogs need to be experienced during pre-estrus and also to be able to socialize

When scared and dependent, the male dog will be inhibited of sexual desire.
Even male dogs that have been castrated or are intact can still "masturbate". When a dog is castrated, the brain cells that perform the task of performing sexual acts to the dog's brain are not completely disabled, but simply "turned off".
When dogs become estrous on a person's leg, or a pillow, they can still ejaculate - including castrated dogs.
Pedophile dog behavior can be used to signal dominance to other dogs and to humans.
Some castrated male dogs are still interested and mate with the female dog as if they were intact.
The benefits of castration.

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