How To Train Puppies With A Few Basic Commands

"Teach children when they are children. Teach wives from a lonely age to return."
How simple is a puppy training? Surely all of us understand this verse that means that proper and timely education in general will bring a fulfilling life. The raising of dogs is not outside this meaningful implication. Teaching dogs from an early age will develop docile, obedient qualities for them

. In the opinion of some veterinarians in the United States, when a dog is old enough to leave its mother, then it's time for them to learn some basic commands. How to train puppies not only makes them obedient, obedient, but also improves their quality of life in the long run.
So surely those who are reading this article really want to train their dog but have not found a method? So good luck for you for reading this article
Here PetshopSaigon

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Puppy training from a young age will be simpler and more effective.
First of all, remember that not a day or two can be mastered right away, they need a few sessions to learn a new command. Dogs of this age are easy to lose focus and get bored quickly, so we recommend that you should begin with your dog for no more than 15 minutes at a time. You can train 2 to 3 sessions a day. You also need to find out what kind of reward cake will encourage your dog in training. If you have a hound, it can be more difficult because you'll have to find food that smells strong enough to get your dog's attention

In puppy training ways, the most important thing is to regularly reward them

. Whether you use biscuits, toys or praise your dog, you should still gently teach your dog not to scold him. So what are the basic commands that you can start teaching puppies? We will suggest you the 3 easiest commands: "sit", "lie" and "come here".
>>> TOP ARTICLES ABOUT HOW TO TRAIN DOGS <<< How to teach dogs pick up simple How to teach shaking hands? Is it difficult to teach dogs not to bark? Dog training does not bite the owner how? How to train puppies to sit 1. Sit down in front of your dog and be sure to take the reward cake with you. 2. Hold a cake to the puppy's nose. Then slowly raise his hand into the air. The dog's eyes and nose will follow the movement of your hand up, and then the dog will slowly sit on the floor

3. If the dog does not sit but lies, hide his / her hand and reward him and teach him until he can do the right thing.
When the dog sits on the floor, immediately say "SITTING" and reward him.
Repeat the process until the dog can sit down at your command, not your hand as a decoy.
Training sitting dogs is one of the most basic exercises.
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How to train puppies to lie down
Kneel on the floor and let the dog sit in front of you like the order learned above. Take out the reward cake and seduce in front of the dog while the dog is sitting. In contrast to the "sit" command, raise your hand slowly down

. Puppies also follow that gradually bend down and lie down completely. When the dog touches the floor, immediately shout "NICE" and reward him. You can also call this command "lie", "lie down" or whatever you like to use to describe the lying state.
If your dog is having difficulty understanding what you want, do the following:
1. Teach the puppy to kneel down and put the puppy in front of you, slightly to the left and facing each other.
2. Gently rub your dog's hand and praise them for being obedient because they know how to sit.

. Continue using your hand to entice the puppy to lure you in front of the dog, then slowly bring your hand down. Keep your hands on the floor until the dog actually lies down.
4. When the dog lies down, immediately reward and repeat the process.
Use hand gestures to signal to your dog.
How to train puppies to you
Slowly teach your dog this command for a few days or weeks. With iron grinding work day to day needles - the key to successful puppies is training day by day. Always bring a reward cake so that when the dog hits your lap, you can immediately reward them

. When you start teaching this command, you can call it in many ways like "come here", "come here" or call the dog's name. But remember, once you make a call, don't change the way you call.
Start teaching puppies in a quiet place in the house.
Keep a distance from the dog and spread his arms wide to catch him.
When the dog starts to walk towards you, shout the command and praise the dog such as "that's right", "very good" ...
Once the dog is in your lap, immediately reward him and give him lots of compliments

Always reward the dog to motivate and habits for your baby.
You can also train your dog with the help of others.
Let someone help you keep the puppy softly while you step away.
Once in position and shouted to let the dog go, then the other person will release the dog.
Just like the above, when the dog reaches you, immediately reward and praise the dog.
Mastering how to train puppies will give them the right behaviors in s.

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