How To Treat Ear Lice In Cats

Cat ear lice are a very common disease among domestic cats, greatly affecting their health. If you see your cat scratching his head and shaking his head, chances are his ears are parasitic. Highly motivated cats are very susceptible to these parasites, and the condition is also easily spread from cat to cat (although it does not affect humans).
This condition is not dangerous to the cat's life but the ear lice can make the cat extremely uncomfortable. Ear licks can clog animal ears and cause your pet to scratch as much as they could break blood vessels in the ear

What is ear louse in cats?
Ear lice are tiny parasites that live mainly in animal ears. Pets are prone to ear lice and their ears can be itchy and seriously irritated. The common species of ear lice is usually "otodectes cynotis" - also known as scabies or ear mites

Cat ear lice live mainly in the ear canal, where they eat debris secreted from the ear fluid

. They cause ear infections and even cause cats to have secondary ear infections. When the lice lay eggs in the cat's ears, the eggs hatch after three weeks and develop into adult lice,
Although we often see parasitic ear lice in cat ears, they can also reside around the body, making the skin of the cat itch and hurt just as much as their ears.
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Symptoms of ear lice in cats
The signs of ear lice appear quite clearly when you pay attention to the cat's behavior and body. However, the louse is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Signs that a cat has ear licks include:
Shook his head
Scratching ears
Earwax darker or oozing from the ears (which looks like coffee grounds)
Scratching other parts of the body too much so those parts are scratched
Ear licks cause cats to be itchy and uncomfortable at all times.
How is ear lice spread?
Cats are often infected with ear lice by direct contact with other animals suffering from this condition - especially young animals.
Diagnosis of ear lice
Diagnose ear lice for cats by checking for lice in a cat's ear fluid sample under a microscope
Sometimes the lice are just small white spots moving around the ear (when magnifying with magnification)

Determine whether your cat has ear lice or not to distinguish this condition from other ear infections. So don't try to diagnose a cat at home. Consult your veterinarian before starting any cat ear lice treatment process.
The most visible sign of ear lice is that your cat's ears are always dirty.
Treatment and prevention of ear lice in cats
There are many treatments for cat ear lice. Your veterinarian will recommend a treatment regimen for your pet. Over-the-counter medications are usually less effective or require longer treatment periods than those prescribed by a veterinarian. In fact, there are new, but single-use drugs that have proven effective

First, thoroughly clean cat ears to clear secretions, kill some lice and, importantly, minimize irritation when treating the ears. This step can be done in one or more ways:
Treatment with disposable medicine for the ear. You can use one-time treatments on your cat's skin, and control monthly parasites for them; a single dose can control ear infections, but you may want to consider taking these medications monthly to prevent re-infestation and control other harmful factors.
Your veterinarian may also recommend treating the cat's ear lice with regular use of specific medications. Cats can be injected with ivermectin - a medicine other than the instructions used to treat ear lice.
Regularly cleaning your cat's ears will help prevent ear lice.
It is important to strictly follow the prescription your veterinarian has in order to successfully treat cat ear lice (usually you will need to give the cat twice treatment with regular treatment in the one week or more). Although it takes longer to work, some medications can soothe inflammation and treat secondary bacterial or yeast infections in cat ears

All household pets should be treated for ear lice at the same time, even if they have no symptoms of the disease.
Cat's ear lice on humans
Ear lice do not last long on the human body so they do not cause serious infections. However, rare cases of cat ear lice occur on human arms or legs and cause a mild rash.
Cat ear lice are not a serious disease that endangers pets, but these parasites will torment the lives of pets. Therefore, promptly detect and treat ear lice for your cats so they can lead a healthy and happy life.
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