How To Use Dog Bath Oil (shower Gel)

Dog bath or shampoo is considered one of the essential products when keeping a dog. Pets such as dogs or cats often suffer from skin diseases, so the owner is recommended to use medication on the spot, drink and bathe clean for your pet. You can shower and shampoo your dog easily at home. But if you still do not know how to use dog shower gel, then this article will give you extremely useful information. First you need to prepare the following for bathing your dog:
The bathtub has a hose or nozzle attached to the shower

. If the weather is warm or hot, you can bathe your dog outdoors as long as the bath area has good drainage.
A metal or plastic container to store water if you do not have a hose or nozzle.
Ointment for dogs
Cloth towels (recommended by a pet care professional or veterinarian)
Clock or timer
If your dog doesn't like to bathe and groom, ask someone to bathe him with him to avoid injury and waste water

There are many types of shower gels that specifically target dogs

When to use special dog bath gel?
If your dog has skin problems, the treatment will begin by showering him with a special shower gel for the first few weeks. See also: Top serious dog skin problems
If you find anything strange or suspicious, contact your veterinarian immediately. If your dog has the following symptoms, you should be aware:
The dog's skin is getting worse day by day
Redness or swelling in the affected area
Dogs feel uncomfortable and in pain, especially when bathing
The bad condition of the skin spreads to other areas
You should ask your veterinarian to examine other important dog organs such as the heart, lungs and eyes to see if there are any problems. If your pet has any health complications, they will get worse in the shower. In case your dog becomes aggressive, stop taking a bath and consult a vet immediately. You should not endanger your pet and yourself. The symptoms that a pet shows on the outside are signs of health problems, and those conditions need to be addressed immediately

Some dog bath oils can help relieve itching and help treat ticks and fleas

Tắm Does dog skin shower gel work for dogs?
Some prepare before bathing the dog
Use reputable dog shower gel
One of the things you should be aware of is that you should use a suitable dog bath oil. Use dog shampoos that have a clear source and have good user feedback.
Buy the right kind of dog shower gel
Not all dog shower gels work well. Some can even make your pet's condition worse. Therefore, choosing the right dog shampoo is extremely important. You should choose a shower gel prescribed by a veterinarian or a professional pet care professional.
Other medicated shower gels can be too strong or too weak for a pet's skin condition. The effects of a shower gel can also affect the effects of other medications that dogs are using

. So please consult with your veterinarian before using dog shower gel.
Currently, there are 2 popular dog bath oils. One type is to improve the odor, helping the dog always smell good in all situations. The second type is the special shower oils for dogs. These shower gels can include support for hair loss baths, flea shower gel to hair whitening shower gel, or itchy shower gel. The most important thing is to choose a shower gel that suits your dog's skin and coat!
When choosing dog bath oils, you should check the function of these shower gels.
Bathing process for dogs
Put ointment on the eyes of pets. Ointment prevents the shower gel from flowing into the dog's eyes because most dogs never close their eyes when bathing

Place the dog in the bath and wet the dog's hair from head to tail with warm water. You should use warm water as pets are much more comfortable than cold ones. If your pet is inflamed, using too hot or cold water will cause pain.
You should use both hands when bathing your dog. Use one hand to drain water from the tap and the other to apply water to the dog's body. For pets with a thin coat, only flush their hair 2 to 3 minutes while pets with thick fur are 10 - 15 minutes. Flushing water into the pet's body will soften the skin, while washing away debris, dry secretions and dead skin.
When taking a bath, you should spend a lot of time massaging the dog's body parts, to remove plaque on the fur and skin

Pour a small amount of dog wash on fur and rub gently to create lather. Apply a shower gel all over the dog's body and be careful when applying it to areas near the eyes, nose, and ears. You should not allow the shower gel to get inside these areas because your dog may be irritated with the shower gel. Also, do not apply shower gel against the dog's hair growth. Applying opposite hair will make the dog uncomfortable, especially if the skin is sensitive. Instead of rub.

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