Howl Is A Dog Howling At Night?

Howls at night often cause concern for homeowners or neighbors around because their sounds are not very uncomfortable. So howling dog phenomenon? Is this really a concern or a concern? In this article, we will look together on two aspects: Science and spirituality to help you have a better overview of this howl phenomenon.
Dogs howl in spiritual notions
Since ancient times, when the Earth was first founded, dogs have been deeply embedded in human life, typically through oral folktales or even the gods. Come to the animals of this genus Canis (domestic dogs, jackals, wolves, .

For a long time, howl dogs are considered to have many spiritual signs.
Vietnamese folklore: In the old days, when there were no scientific explanations about things and phenomena, grandparents often associated with spiritual beliefs and dogs howl
The ancients said that dogs are a special species of animals capable of hearing and seeing things that the human eye cannot see

. Therefore, whenever the dogs howled persistently at night, the ancients would tell each other that they were seeing ghosts around the house. When you hear your dog howling loudly, loudly, pacing several times up and down with a distant look in the dark corner, it's time to be careful.
Ancient Greek mythology: The god that governs hell is Cerberus carrying the shape of a three-headed hound, snake tail. This is the pet of the god Hades and he was assigned to govern the gates of hell and show the souls of the dead.
Ancient Egypt: In ancient Egyptian beliefs, the people of the land used to worship a god with a half-human and half-dog figure named Anubis. Archaeological records show that Anubis is the embodiment of the jackals and is responsible for guarding the gates of hell and sailing the souls to the source of the Nile. In addition to his role as the ruler of hell, he also has the ability to see and rule over souls, protecting the peace of the great Egyptian kingdom

Dogs are considered sacred symbols of many different civilizations

Since then, dogs howled many people around the world believe that it is also a premonition phenomenon that surrounding objects that the naked eye cannot see. However, the phenomenon of dogs howling at night or howl dogs also make people feel somewhat reassured because they believe the dog is an animal that governs hell, able to protect them and ward off evil spirits.
Howls at night explained scientifically
Methods for communication
Like humans, dogs are a socially social and social group. Howls are the way they communicate to find each other, to mark territory or to notify other dogs to return to their position in the pack. Howls are a natural behavior inherited from wild pack wolves. Although domestic dogs are extremely well domesticated, this characteristic trait has always been passed down to the DNA of their ancestors. Therefore, if you suddenly hear a dog howling in the street or a dog howling at night in the house, it is likely that they are telling other dogs out there that they are not welcome in its territory.
Howling behavior of dogs is considered one of the surviving signs of ancient ancestors wolf

For domestic dogs, they will often be excited by the sound of car horns, horns or alarms. Therefore, according to natural genetics, the dog will howl, and in turn every other dog in the house will respond accordingly. Howls are also considered to be a habit of protecting the herd from unforeseen dangers.
Feeling lonely
Because the social behavior of dogs is very high, dogs are very easy to integrate into the community and quickly stick to their owners. However, suddenly one day you disappear or busy with work, dogs howl to express their sadness. Actually, when dogs howl they are crying. They have a fear of separation, and this howl can last until the owner is next to them.
Howl dogs are also a sign that they are feeling lonely

This is also one of the main reasons for the howling of dogs (howling dogs) at night. Every night, when everything went black, the surrounding space was all cold black, people easily felt lonely, lonely and so were dogs. Dogs are very affectionate and follow the herd so when being separated or have to live alone as a dog, in the evening, the dog howls to express its sadness and also seek sympathy from the owner of the dog it.
Unstable health
Typically, the howling of dogs is a way for it to inform its situation to others. Therefore, when our dog has anything wrong in his body, instead of crying and whining like us humans, dogs howl as a sign of extreme discomfort, pain. To receive.

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