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Dogs are loyal, adorable animals that are the closest animals to humans. Dogs and humans have been around for 20,000 to 40,000 years since the beginning of the domesticization of the dog. But before dogs became two of the most popular human pets in the world, dogs played many important roles in human life. Dogs can hunt, protect, serve and even provide food for humans.
To understand the role of dogs in different cultures, we must first know the origin of this animal

Origin of dogs and different dog breeds
All dogs share a common ancestor that is a small mink-like mammal. They existed about 60 million years ago with jackals, wolves and foxes. And the dog we see today evolved from a gray wolf
Researchers still do not know the exact time these "vicious predators" began to accompany humans and become one of man's best friends

Dogs originated from the ancient gray wolf.
From the gray wolf, over 400 different dog breeds have been bred by breeding to serve different purposes of humans. Evolution over generations will help dogs survive, integrate into the different habitats of humans.
400 different dog breeds classified by the American Kennel Club into eight groups including hunting dogs, service dogs, terrier, cattle dogs, sports dogs, non-sports dogs, toys and other dog breeds again.
The hound has a sharp and keen nose. The hunting dog's nose is capable of detecting prey from a distance, making hunting a lot easier. In addition to extraordinary stamina, they are also very intelligent and alert
Hounds have helped people with many things like sledding, protecting property and rescuing drowning people

Currently, there are still some dog breeds that have characteristics of their ancestors. Especially hunting dogs.
Terriers have many types from large to small. They are extremely powerful and energetic. Terriers were bred to hunt, catch pests, protect property and people.
Economic potential, human living space and lifestyle are important factors in preparing a dog. After thousands of years of evolution and adaptation, dogs have developed many properties to integrate in life with humans.
Any dog breed has great loyalty, enthusiasm, and love for its owner

. But not all places respect this loyal friend. In some parts of the world, dogs are viewed as a defile, only known to be harmful or considered a specialty in some parts of Asia.
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Dogs in Western culture
In Western countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, dogs are common household pets. According to a pet dog survey in 2006, more than 73% of Americans raise dogs as pets. Years later, the results of another survey revealed that 75.7 million dogs were raised as pets in the United States.
Although less than in the United States, the number of pet dogs in the UK is still up to 8.9 million

Many people consider dogs to be part of the family. In loving families, dogs are treated like children: pampered with nutritious foods, playing with expensive toys and sent to high-quality training centers. . Even people who love dogs to the point of treating them as their own children.
For European countries, puppies are considered an indispensable friend.
The pet industry in many Western countries is worth millions of dollars. Over the years, dog owners have become increasingly interested in providing the best food, toys and services for their pets.
They have severely criticized famous pet food brands for using unclear ingredients and unsatisfactory food quality

. Even this makes a well-known company that manufactures dog products from nature to change its formula after the results of a study proving that the product This contains toxic substances that can kill a dog.
Gen Y in the United States (a generation of people born between 1981 and 2000) has a lot of love for pets. Therefore, they have to spend a lot of money on pets, even when buying a house, they have to consider whether it suits their pet or not.
Many young people today say they would rather adopt a dog or pet than take care of their children. Taking care of the children requires a lot of expenses, and the changing opinion of the family today is one of the reasons why the younger generation now likes to raise pets.
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Dogs in Islamic tradition
In Islam, dogs are considered to be unhygienic, dirty and evil. Muslims do not pet.

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