Is 50kg Dog Food Safe For Dogs?

How to buy 50kg bag of dog food to avoid mistakes? Buying dry dog food for a 50kg bag you need to find out the origin of the product. Avoid buying fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods. Here are some suggestions to help you distinguish between genuine and poor quality goods.
Maybe you do not know!
There are currently very few pet food brands on the market that provide 50kg bags because most of the 50kg bags are very few buyers and difficult to maintain for long. In fact, most owners choose to buy a 10kg bag of dog food because after the dog finishes, they can change to a different taste or a suitable food for your baby

50kg bags are usually for owners of dog breeds or healthy puppies. So, if you are in need of a large food sack, consider choosing the appropriate feed size.
How to distinguish dog food and counterfeit?
Is it okay to feed the duck eggs? Poodle dog food handbook
Coat for yellowing how white? Should dogs eat dry food?
A busy person who doesn't want to spend a lot of time processing pet meals
Choosing to buy ready-to-eat foods in large quantities will help you be a lot more leisurely

. Moreover, it also saves money because of how big the cost is obviously cheaper than buying many retail bags.
However, most food manufacturers produce bags of 20kg or less because it suits the consumer's budget and needs. To buy 50kg quality dog food bags, you need to know how to distinguish genuine products to avoid buying counterfeit goods, money lost, wear-resistant.
If dog food is not carefully selected, it is easy to encounter fake and counterfeit products.
Benefits when buying real
Products quality assurance fully meet the needs of pets. Not only bring nutritious meals but also help pets develop healthy, good resistance.
With genuine food products, when having any problems, consumers will be supported and answered questions from suppliers

Manufacturers will offer many promotions as well as incentives for customers

Product preservation time is longer, you can be assured that the product will not be damaged, moldy.
Minimize funding in caring for pets.
No need to travel or order multiple times.
When you choose to buy dry pet food, look for reputable and professional shops.
The risks when buying poor quality goods
Poor quality products do not guarantee essential nutrition for pets. Pets may grow slowly, be stunted or get sick.
The risks faced by pets will not be supported by manufacturer advice.
Product preservation time is short

. Poor quality dry beans are often moldy, broken, and have an odor.
How to distinguish fake food
First, determine which brand of food you are buying. Then find out the origin of the food company in the market to see if it is reputable or popular with consumers.
After learning about food brands. When buying, you need to know how to identify the real product through the way it is packaged. High quality goods will fully meet the following factors:
Clear packaging, no stamping, tear, broken.
Has manufacturer's logo.
For international brands, the main language printed on the packaging will be English

How to identify food is easiest?
The easiest way to buy genuine dog dry food is by looking at imported stamps. In accordance with the law of Vietnam, genuine food bags are always accompanied by imported stamps on the back.
So, when choosing dog food, you should find imported stamps to make sure you buy the right product genuine.
How to distinguish real Royal Canin dog food
Currently, Royal Canin is a food brand that is widely used all over the world. So there are many consumers wondering how to distinguish royal canin genuine and fake goods. Here are some tips you can refer to:
Genuine distributed product with the manufacturer's logo on the front.
The language on the packaging is mostly English on the front. The back of the food bag may have additional French, Chinese

The product has a special symbol on the logo mark on the back. The logo has the word "FR" on it, so it is made in France.
Note 3 not to buy the right dog food for a 50kg bag
You should not choose a pet food in a zip pocket because it is difficult to determine the shelf life and the origin of the seed.
Cannot purchase to extract zip bags. Because it is impossible to verify product quality as well as the date of manufacture and expiry date.
Do not buy goods floating on the network of notebooks and liquidated goods. Maybe you can buy cheap but not necessarily bought real goods. The advice is to find stores, large dealers specializing in distributing pet products

Do not buy goods with a short shelf life. A special note when buying food is to choose products with expiry dates close to the date you buy. To ensure the quality of food and preserve without worrying about mold factors.

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