Is Calcium Supplement For Dogs The Right Thing To Do?

Calcium supplementation for dogs should or not is a question that has received a lot of attention from the pet association on the current information page. So this article, will answer for you whether to add calcium to dogs or not and how to supplement it.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Should there be a squeeze for the dog? The least expensive way to raise a fat dog How to measure dog temperature properly Does your dog drink too much water? Cause dogs need to supplement calcium Calcium is a nutrient not only important to ornamental dogs but also an indispensable ingredient to help all animals in maintaining strong bones and strong muscles. However, some dog owners still do not understand and properly aware of this type of nutrient, which makes the amount of calcium provided to your dog is always in shortage

. So before finding out whether to add calcium to dogs, let us reveal the expression when dogs lack calcium. Calcium is considered a very important micronutrient for dog growth. Manifestations of dogs suffering from calcium deficiency The first expression we can notice most when dogs are calcium deficient is that the body is thin and often sick
Because calcium deficiency in the body makes the skeleton not develop, the dog's body is weak and not resistant enough to prevent the penetration of bacteria

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Second, calcium deficiency is less likely to move and exercise or to have unsteady steps due to cramps. The lack of calcium causes a slight paralysis in the nerves of the dog, causing the dog to suffer pain leading to cramps.
The third expression we can mention when dogs lack calcium is that teeth are lost in the gums. If your dog has gone through the period of teething and starts replacing it permanently, but instead of having a full and healthy tooth, your dog's teeth are sparse and not healthy. See also: How many teeth do dogs have?
Calcium deficiency is the main cause of dental diseases.
If the condition worsens, the dog's teeth will show no growth and will only erupt slightly from the gums, making chewing difficult.
And finally, the calcium-deficient dog showed the most severe symptoms, including joint swelling and paralysis
This is the most severe level of calcium deficiency and even with treatment, the dog cannot recover like normal dogs

What causes dogs to suffer from calcium deficiency?
The reason dogs are deficient in Calcium is because they don't have enough calcium and phosphorus in their bodies. Too much or too little calcium and phosphorus will lead to calcium-related problems in the dog's body.
And the main reason leading to the imbalance of these two nutrients in the dog's body is because the baby's daily diet is not really scientific and reasonable.
You can completely replenish natural calcium sources by eating a diet that is changed daily.
Some puppies are also often deficient in Calcium because during pregnancy, the puppies do not get the necessary calcium or puppies do not get calcium, fat and phosphorus in the diet from the start. The beginning of the meal makes them grow with a lack of calcium.
So is calcium supplement for dogs the right thing to do?
Calcium supplement for dogs should or not?
As we learned above, calcium is an essential and important nutrient in dog development. So let's add calcium to the dog from the time the dog is in the mother's womb and in the daily diet to ensure our dogs grow up with the healthiest body

Can dogs drink calcium from humans?
There are some viewers who often inbox for and ask if dogs can take their calcium, the answer is no.
Because when developing calcium supplements, manufacturers have studied the condition and characteristics of people to produce the best quality calcium.
And humans and animals are basically different from each other, so giving dogs calcium is not appropriate and appropriate.
Do not allow dogs to use functional foods specifically for humans.
So calcium supplements for dogs like?
There are two ways to supplement calcium for dogs is through food and supplements.
So, what do dogs lack of calcium eat to supplement?
The foods to add calcium to dogs are shrimp, crab, eggs, shells, bones .

.. And we need to note that these foods must be cooked and finely grated to dogs. You will need to feed your dog a small amount to get used to it, then increase the amount of food every day.
In addition, if a dog is deficient in Calcium, eggs and milk are also one of the golden foods when you want to supplement calcium for dogs because in eggs, milk has a large content of calcium and helps the dog to be easily absorbed and digested. See also: Can dogs eat raw eggs?
You can practice giving your dog calcium-rich foods like milk and eggs.
Besides daily food, you can also use mineral tablets for dogs or.

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