Is Catsrang Cat Food Review Good?

Catsrang cat food is now one of the products from Korea which are very popular in Vietnam. Because the product is quite new to Vietnamese people. At the same time, it is relatively difficult to find information from the manufacturer due to the language barrier. This has made many "lotus" worried. Is Catsrang good? What are the nutritional values Catsrang brings to cats? Do not worry, let PetshopSaigon

.vn review details, help you better understand this product.
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Review Catsrang cat food
Manufacturer - Origin
Catsrang cat food is produced by Korean company Daejoo JSC. The company was born in 12 in the context of the livestock industry is being chased
Starting from the livestock industry, Daejoo gradually expanded its production scale to the pet food market and was widely accepted across the country

Catsrang is a product of a reputable Korean company.
With his mind and dedication, Daejoo develops modern technologies. Selection of raw materials for food production is extremely thorough, in a closed process. Ensure maximum safety, clean. Provide a nutritious diet, comprehensive care for the development of cats.
Thanks to that, Catsrang has become one of the extremely popular products in Korea. And is extremely well received in Vietnam thanks to the convenience of cat food of all ages

Real nutrition quality
To answer the question, is Catsrang good, let's learn a little about the ingredients table as well as the true nutritional value that this product brings offline

The protein
The protein content of Catsrang cat food comes primarily from chicken and salmon meat. Currently, most of the dried food products for cats and meat are processed by the method of separating water, concentrating into flour. This method involves putting protein components in meat, bones or organs of animals into pressing and cooking at high temperatures. Until the water is completely removed, the collection of chicken, fish concentrate is about 70% - 80% protein, 10% fat and some beneficial amino acids. This process of processing brings safe, healthy food. Because most bacteria, pathogenic viruses are removed in this process.
Protein is the main source of nutrition that any cat needs.
Moreover, thanks to these animal protein powders, the proteins are all converted to the most digestible form

. Extremely friendly to the digestive system, helping to effectively digest food. Cats absorb all the nutrients in food. Does not cause digestive disorders, intestinal tract.
Across the board, protein accounts for 31% of the total nutrient content in Catsrang seeds. It can be said that this is a very good and stable protein density. Help the cat maintain the protein and energy needed. Comprehensive development of muscle and physical.
The fat content of Catsrang cat food is 10%

. This is also a good and adequate ratio. Help provide your cat with the energy it needs to function during the day in addition to protein. And also ensure not too much, causing excess fat accumulation, overweight for cats. Maintain ideal weight for your baby.
The main sources of fat come from chicken fat, salmon and flaxseeds. These fats are used to enhance the taste, stimulate the taste in cats. Make food more appealing and delicious. Above all, this is the main source of fatty acids and extremely necessary for the body of cats

. Provides abundant Omega-3, Omega-6, helps support digestion, stabilize the nervous system. Make sure the cardiovascular system works effectively and normally. Moreover, these fatty acids also help the cat nourish the skin and coat the cat's strong, smooth. Maintain a beautiful, adorable, and attractive appearance of cats.
You should choose foods with good fats like Omega to help improve the nervous system of cats.
While cats are carnivores and their main source of nutrients and energy comes from meat and fat. But to improve the immune system as well as ensure the functional organs in the cat's body to function normally and healthy. Especially for domestic cats

. The more they need to be added with fiber, vitamins and some other minerals.
In Catsrang cat food, sources of vitamins are extremely diverse, derived from many different fruits and vegetables. The most typical are beets, flax seeds, Yucca tree powder, dl-methionine, fructooligosaccharide, cellulose and rosemary oil. All are unique ingredients, safe and bring high digestive efficiency for cats. Help the cat's urinary system work more smoothly. Improve the health of the immune system for cats.
All popular products on the market today use starch to reduce production costs. At the same time help the internal materials are bonded together

. Corn is one of the safest starches for the cat's digestive system. Therefore, you absolutely can.

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