Is Drool Cat Dangerous?

Cats are drooling a lot, which makes you not want to approach and hold your cat. Even while sleeping, cat drool still secretes beautifully. If you are wondering whether this is normal or unusual, please refer to this article immediately.
Cause the cat to drool
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Due to psychological joy or fear
When you pet the back of the cat's ear, they will drool and purr. This is an indication that they are feeling happy and contented with care

. So, you can feel secure if one day they are lying closed eyes drooling. The pet must be comfortable and happy about something.
Sometimes stress or fear also causes their drool to flow
When you are taken to a veterinarian or under a threat of facing an enemy or fighting over territory, you also see signs of growling and drooling in cats

Not all cats will drool often.
If your pet still sleep and eat normally, there is no need to worry. If you find your cat is constantly in a state of stress and your cat's saliva is draining a lot, consult your veterinarian.
Due to oral ulcers
It is likely that your cat has gum disease or mouth ulcers that cause saliva to flow. Check it by opening its mouth and using the flashlight to look inside the mouth, tongue for red sores. It is a sign of mouth heat. If the cat's gums show a different color than usual or swell, the salivary glands are more excreted than normal

Due to problematic digestive system
When eating strange things or toxins, the body will respond by vomiting

. Before vomiting, cats often drool. It is possible that your child has eaten food that is problematic in digestion. It is also likely that this is a manifestation of the disease of the liver, bile or stomach.
Gastrointestinal disorders are also one of the reasons cats may drool.
Due to a foreign body
When you have a habit of licking food in public places or in the yard. The cat will chew on foreign objects such as a string entangled in the throat and cannot vomit. At this time, the cat will be drooling continuously with nausea. Watch your cat's tummy contracting constantly as she is trying to vomit foreign matter

Injury to mouth area
Fights or bumps that hurt the mouth and jaw are also responsible for the cat's drooling. Cats often like to climb and jump, so they cannot eliminate the cause of injury. These injuries are often difficult to detect with the naked eye. You can only investigate history or the fastest way is to bring the cat to see a veterinarian.
When your cat drool, you should carefully examine the mouth to see if the baby is injured.
Due to the body's reaction to the drug
Make sure your cat is not sick lately and doesn't have to take any medicine. Because some cats will react when given medication. The body when they first take the drug will have some unusual manifestations including drooling

Leukopenia in cats
Leukopenia in cats often occurs during the wet season when the rain is heavy or when the weather is changing. This disease spreads very quickly through the mouth. Symptoms are anorexic cat, tired body, drooling, vomiting or vomiting gold. The disease progresses very quickly when the virus enters the bloodstream, which reduces the white blood cells that destroy the lining of the intestines, leading to death.
What to do when the cat drooling?
With all cases of abnormal drooling, we cannot judge with our eyes or senses. Also do not give cats arbitrary medication. Take your cat to a veterinary hospital right away for timely examination and treatment.
When you see a doctor, the pet will be briefly examined

. If no external lesions are detected, the doctor will perform x-rays or endoscopy to find out the abnormal cause.
Be prepared to ask your doctor questions so that you are not passive when you take your cat to the doctor: what was the most recent meal, any contact with cats or strange pets, any changes in your daily life? is not.
When you see your baby drooling a lot, it's best to take your baby for a checkup early.
To prevent pet disease, feed your cat cat food instead of dog food or dog food. Clean up the surroundings to remove foreign objects that cats can swallow. Adequate vaccinations prevent infectious diseases from spreading to your pet.
Taking care of your pet is not only a matter of hygiene and hygiene, but also an attitude of caring and attention of the pet's activities to identify unusual problems. When you notice that your cat is drooling, do not hesitate to take your cat to see a veterinarian as this may be a sign of serious illness

. There are illnesses that are usually hatched long before the onset of illness. Should not be subjective before any sign b.

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