Is Feeding A Raw Chicken Egg Dangerous To The “boss”?

Whether or not a dog can eat raw or unhealthy chicken eggs is controversial. Many owners still feed raw eggs to the dog while others do not. Let's find out the benefits of raw chicken eggs in the article below.
What is the effect of feeding dogs raw chicken eggs?
Raw eggs are one of nature's most complete sources of protein and a safe, inexpensive source of food. They are easily digestible with essential amino acids such as protein blocks, dog-friendly vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Riboflavin (Vitamin B), Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron, Selenium and Fatty Acids

. This is an extremely nutritious food source for dogs that, once cooked, will turn into other substances.
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Does feeding raw chicken eggs harmful to you?
There is a lot of controversy and misconceptions surrounding feeding a raw egg to a dog.
When talking about pet nutrition, we should consider the ancestors of dogs in the wild
Typical hunting dogs

. They eat raw eggs and the body still grows healthy, even very clever. Dingo is a typical hunting dog that loves to eat raw eggs. See also: Images of dogs in cultures
However, during evolution, puppies have gradually become accustomed to cooked human food. Therefore, eating raw chicken eggs will affect the health of your puppy. From simple illnesses like an allergy to raw eggs that cause diarrhea to the risk of cholesterol, or life-threatening illnesses.
Here are some diseases that can be acquired when feeding raw chicken eggs:
Salmonella infection when eating raw chicken eggs
Salmonella is a type of bacteria found in raw meat and poultry. When entering the intestinal tract, they cause intestinal infections with specific symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, typhoid
Many animals infected with this disease if not treated promptly will die

However, with clean farms, the likelihood of salmonella infection when eating raw eggs is also reduced.
Close up of salmonella under a microscope
Inhibiting the activity of Vitamin B7
Raw egg whites contain avidin. This substance reduces the amount of biotin (vitamin B7). Leads to inhibition of cell growth, fatty acid metabolism. These substances reduce the metabolism in the body, making the skin and pet hair worse.
This is called 'dangerous' making many people think that raw eggs are not good for dogs. But this only happens when you feed your dog about 8 to 10 eggs a day to be able to happen.
It should also be noted that egg yolks actually contain high levels of biotin

. So feed the whole egg to the dog. They will balance the amount of avidin in the whites and are not harmful to dogs.
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Should dogs eat raw chicken eggs?
With many mixed opinions. Whether or not to feed a raw egg to a dog depends on the opinion of each owner.
If you are careful, boil eggs and eat them. There are several studies that show that in addition to raw eggs, boiling is the best way to preserve the nutrients in chicken eggs. Eating a cooked egg does not worry about the risk of allergies or diarrhea.
If you want your pet to absorb all the nutrients contained in raw eggs

. You can add raw eggs to your puppy's diet.
Many long-time dog owners in Vietnam often feed their dogs with raw eggs as a way to nourish dogs. Especially with male dogs, they often feed with the idea that when breeding will produce more quality sperm, easily conceived. Even their puppies are fed to grow up fast and healthy.
To avoid the risk of infection, you should choose organic eggs made from healthy hens with a safe production model, quality assurance. More carefully, you can find the types of eggs used only for eating raw, how to distinguish this egg from regular eggs are raw eggs will have expiry date stamped on each egg.
In addition, you should always store eggs in a cool, dry place, there is less risk of salmonella infection.
Note when feeding raw chicken eggs
In order for your dog to get used to eating raw eggs, you should feed the puppy with peach eggs and then gradually switch to raw eggs, so the dog's stomach is also easier to adapt to the consumption of raw eggs

Note, whether good or not, whether the dog eats cooked or raw eggs should only let the pet eat 2 fruits / week only.
Eggshells are a good source of calcium for dogs. So you should not throw away the eggshell, but boiled, crushed, mixed with dog food.
When the dog is finished, be sure to clean the dog's food bowl to prevent the growth of bacteria that harm your dog.
In case you notice any strange behavior of the pet, stop eating raw eggs and contact a veterinarian.
Knowing the basic sources of information is essential to help.

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