Is It True That “dog Dermatitis” Is As True As Rumored?

Bathing lotion for dogs is not a "panacea" for treating diseases but only applied to support treatment. Never treat your own dog at home because the longer it becomes, the more serious it will become. "Pocket" right top 2 contagious dermatological diseases in dogs and super standard shower gel combo from the UK.
Dog skin shower gel - Things to know before you buy
Revealed 2 common dermatitis in dogs
Dermodex dermatitis (parrot)
Demodex scabies, or parrot, is a common dog dermatitis caused by Demodex ticks, which usually occurs when the dog's immune system is weakened. As the number of ticks living in dog hair follicles and dog skin increases rapidly, this can lead to skin epidermal damage, infection and hair loss

. The severity of symptoms depends on the type of tick that is parasitizing in the dog.
Dermatitis is a common disease in dogs.
Ve Demodex is an ordinary "resident" on dog skin
In low numbers, these ticks not only leave no symptoms, but also play an important role to keep the dog's skin healthy (just like a good digestive system needs healthy bacteria)

Three species of ticks have been identified that will cause dermatitis in dogs. The most common tick is Demodex canis, which lives on the skin and hair follicles, and can move from mother to puppy during breastfeeding. This means that almost all dogs carry these ticks and there are very few cases of skin irritation symptoms.
However, when the immune system is weakened, Demodex ticks can begin to grow uncontrollably, leading to itchy skin inflammation. Because of this, this disease usually appears in puppies during the first weeks of breastfeeding because they have a weak immune system.
The disease will cause discomfort for the puppies.
Identification sign
Saffron is usually divided into two types: localized dermatitis (by region) and systemic dermatitis
Localized inflammation is milder with lesions appearing in patches, especially on the face, trunk and legs, most often in puppies

As for the whole body, the symptoms will spread more widely and appear throughout the body. These symptoms include hair loss, skin redness, scaling and sores. This form is quite serious, occurring in both puppies and adults. The bigger the dog, the harder it is to cure, so once the disease is discovered, the owner needs to take the dog to the vet for long-term treatment that can be life-threatening.
Dermatitis is often caused by the fact that your dog does not have proper hygiene.
Don't wait for "water to reach your feet", the owner should immediately follow these simple steps to have a healthy puppy:
Clean the dog's living area regularly
Use dog shower gel once a week, absolutely avoid using human shower gel because chemicals can cause skin irritation.
Get your dog vaccinated by term
Use dog foods of the right age for the right breed, with good quality, clear origin to help build a healthy immune system for dogs
Do not breed puppies with chronic sarcoma because the ability to inherit from parent to puppy is very high
Sarcoptes Dermatitis (Scabies)
Sarcoptes are highly contagious skin scabies in dogs, caused by scabies Sarcoptes. This type of scabies will get under the skin causing itching and intense irritation

. Also because of this symptom that will scratch itch continuously, damaging the skin causing hair loss. The disease is completely treatable, but because it is highly contagious to other animals and humans, owners should keep dogs isolated during treatment.
Scabies spreads easily from dog to person if not handled promptly.
The most common cause of this disease is that domestic dogs have come into contact with an infected animal because Sarcoptes ticks can quickly move from one subject to another. Places like cages, parks, veterinary clinics, etc. are places with high exposure rates. Exposure usually occurs for about 2 to 6 weeks before the first symptoms of scabies appear.
Identification sign
Dog scratches violently
Skin rash
Scabs form on the itchy area
When the dog is suspected of being infected with skin diseases, the owner should prioritize the dog's isolation and visit a veterinarian for inspection and find out the cause

. Clean the dog's home, and use a special dog shower gel 1-2 times a week to help reduce itching and stimulate hair growth.
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Dermatitis in dogs can be completely transmitted to farmers. But owners do not worry, if detected early, these diseases can be treated.
For barbarella disease, the ability of the dog to transmit disease to the farmer is quite low because in fact the dog body always has a certain amount of Demodex. However, when the amount is out of control, the Demodex will begin to affect the skin of the person.
Symptoms often first appear on the face because the skin of this area is very thin and sensitive. When the skin is spotted with redness, pustules appear scattered in areas such as cheeks, edges, nose, .

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