Is Nekko Pate Review For Cats Good? Where To Buy In Hcmc?

Pate Nekko for cats is a popular cat food for cats in Vietnam. We can easily find this pate at any pet store. But for those who are new to cats, you will probably not be confused by the rich variety of cat food. How does nekko give cats quality? What nutritional benefits does this food provide? Let help you have the most realistic view of Nekko for cats through this review

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Overview of Pate Nekko information for cats
Information about the manufacturer
Pate Nekko for cats is supplied by Unicorn Public Co., Japan, which has a production base in Thailand. With advanced technology, special formulas, Pate Nekko cat babies by excellent taste and delicious
The products are in a closed process, ensuring food hygiene and safety

. Ensure health for cats.
Nekko is the most popular pate maker for cats today with nearly 20 different flavors.
Nutritional ingredients
Before answering the question, is Pet Nekko good for cats? Let's dive into the analysis of this ingredient table. To see if nekko pate is really nutritious for cats? What are the true health benefits of this product?
Ingredients: Tuna, Jelly powder, Flavoring agent, Prebiotic, Fructooligosaccharides, Vitamin E, Taurine, Fish oil.
Nutrition analysis
Protein (minimum) 8%
Fat (minimum) 0.5%
Fiber (max) 1%
Moisture (max) 85%
The protein
Depending on the type of flavor, Nekko pate for cats will use different protein sources. Most of the products use 100% pure protein from high quality tuna meat
The broth is made from concentrated pure meat stew sauce with special flavor

. Brings the best food experience, making cats unable to resist the attraction from the Nekko pate.
A well balanced protein source (8%) provides enough energy for a cat meal. Make sure the cat has the best condition for developing body and muscle. Protein is processed by modern technology, friendly with intestines, protecting digestive health. Nekko pate provides cat with prebiotics, fructooligosaccharides. Plays a role in regulating intestinal bacteria system. Improve digestive efficiency, ensure the most comprehensive absorption of nutrients.
Cats love to eat pate because they are meat and have a fascinating taste

Nekko pate contains a source of amino acids necessary for the growth of cats. Typical of them is Taurine. Cats really need taurine, but the body cannot produce this amino acid on its own. They play a very important role in helping cats develop brain and nervous system. Add to your cat's alertness and clarity. Provides stability and efficiency for the operation of the circulatory system. Without taurine, the cat will be blind, passive body, act slowly.
The fat in Nekko pate for cats mainly comes from meat and fish oil

. This is the main source of energy in the cat's daily food. Help maintain the cat maintain a healthy body activity throughout the day. In addition, fats provide important sources of fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, EPA, etc. to help cats have a perfect appearance. Caring for cats from the inside helps the baby have healthy skin, strong, shiny fur. In addition, DHA and EPA also have effects on brain development, helping cats to be smarter and more agile.
In the composition table, fat accounts for at least 0.5%

. Is a relatively stable content, helps cats have enough energy, nutrition, but does not cause overweight for the baby.
Other mineral vitamins
Pate Nekko for cats, though focused primarily on protein development, important nutrition and limited starch. However, brands also do not forget to add some vitamins and minerals. Especially, the product is rich in vitamin E. Therefore, it can help cats, especially kittens, strengthen the immune system. Create a strong resistance.
Is Pate Nekko good for cats?
Through the breakdown of Pate Nekko ingredients for cats, we have understood some of the nutritional benefits and health benefits of this food. Let's continue to find out if this pate product has any advantages, what are her disadvantages? From there we will draw conclusions about the quality of pate

Product packaging is designed as a closed bag with many different colors. Each color represents a taste. Help you can easily distinguish each type of product when buying Nekko pate.
Diversity and richness. Increasing interest in cats at every meal, not boring. Increases taste, stimulates eating for cats.
Extremely abundant nutrients. Delivering a perfect, balanced diet

. Less starch, important nutrients are absorbed directly, quickly.
100% fresh meat, no artificial meat spices. Prebiotics help balance the intestinal flora. Protein is easy to digest and supplements the health of the small intestine.
Absolute support for the development of cats. Strengthen resistance. Creating articles.

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