Is Pate Ciao Good For Cats? Where To Buy The Cheapest?

Overview of Ciao for cats
The company that makes Pate for cats is one of the leading pet food companies in Japan. Referring to Japan, we often refer to the devotion and dedication in the stages of food production and especially the quality of products. Moreover, Inaba Ciao Food Corporation is a long-standing company. Originating in 1805, Mr. Yoshiro Inaba started trading fresh tuna and high quality seafood to households all over Japan

. Therefore, when the company started branching out to pet food in 1958, most of Ciao's main source of raw materials for cats was freshly harvested seafood. Since then the Inaba Ciao brand for pets, especially cats, was born in 1989.
The company continues to bring high quality and cat meals to cats
With the enthusiasm to invest in each quality product, the brand will gradually grow to the United States and begin to be imported worldwide

. And became a popular brand in the cat-loving community in the years of the 21st century.
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Evaluate the types of Pate Ciao for cats
What nutritional benefits can Pate Ciao give cats? Can a meal provide enough energy for an active cat? Does Pate Ciao contain cat allergy ingredients? Currently on the market the most popular two main types of Ciao are: Ciao Churu for cats and pate Ciao for cats. Let's take a look at the ingredients list for both.
Pate Ciao Churu for cats
Ciao Churu for cats is currently the best selling and most competitive product line of the brand. Helping the brand develop widely and popular all over the world. Pate Churu is produced in the form of small ingots, extremely convenient. You can use it as a snack or a cat treat
Not only that, Ciao churu for cats also scored by the extremely outstanding texture

All ingredients seem to be completely pureed. Gives a creamy, velvety texture, which dissolves as soon as the cat has eaten. Very suitable for all cats. Even cats that have just had surgery can easily feed their cat Ciao pate with a cylinder. The source of nutrition in the food is guaranteed to be plentiful, fostering health for the baby to continue developing healthy.
So what are the nutritional ingredients in Ciao? Let's consider the typical product Ciao Churu Tuna for cats - the flagship product of the brand.
Ciao is a brand of cat food formulated for research in Japan.
Nutritional ingredients:
Water, tuna, tapioca, natural flavor, Guar seed extract (thickening), natural tuna flavor, Collagen, vitamin E supplement, green tea extract

Guarantee analysis:
Crude protein (minimum) 7.0%
Crude fat (minimum) 0.2%
Raw fiber (max) 0.3%
Raw ash (maximum) 1.5%
Moisture (max) 91%
Calcium (minimum) 0.0003%
Magnesium (maximum) 0.015%
Phosphorus (minimum) 0.1%
Potassium 0

Taurine 0.01%
Vitamin E (minimum) 310 IU / kg
Analysis of piao churu pate composition for cats
In general, the ingredient table in cat food is relatively simple. However, pate Ciao pays great attention to fostering nutrients that nourish the appearance of a cat. With a relative protein content of about 7%, this is a relatively high content for a cat snack. They are guaranteed to provide a moderate-protein, low-fat meal (0.3%). The main ingredient is tuna, one of the typical protein, rich in Omega-3, Taurine, healthy for cat's digestion. Ensuring a delicious and nutritious meal for your baby

. Moreover, Ciao also added Collagen, which not all pate products for cats have. Helping cats nourish skin healthy, shiny coat healthy.
In addition, the content of ash is low, Magnesium and Calcium are balanced. Make sure to provide minerals for cats but not excess, do not cause kidney stones for babies. Overall, Pate Ciao Churu provides a delicious, nutritious and relatively healthy meal for cats.
Pate Ciao also has many different flavors.
Pate Ciao Broth for cats
Pate Ciao Broth for cats is also an extremely popular product line, very popular in the international market. This basic product line is similar in structure to some other pate products on the market

. The stewed meats, combined with the special broth, are extremely easy to eat. Can be easily mixed with other foods, stimulates the sense of taste, increases the ability of cats to eat. Meat remains intact with a fibrous texture, especially suitable for kittens who are transitioning from weaning to solid food. The product retains the tough texture of meat, stimulates cats to chew food, increases the health of the jaw muscles. However, the meat is still very soft, helping kittens or older cats to chew food and digest easily.
Ciao has a line of food specifically for different stages of the cat.
Nutritional ingredients:
Chicken broth, Chicken, Tuna, Flavor.

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