Is Puppy Sleeping A Lot Or Is It Dangerous?

Puppies sleep a lot so you do not have time to play with puppies. Notice that some suspicious abnormalities when excessive sleep is a sign of illness. What signs are normal, what signs are abnormal. The answer will be in this article.
What is the average sleep time of puppies?
At birth, puppies sleep a lot

. Because at this time the pet's body is learning to adapt to its surroundings. Sleeping time for puppies under 1 month of age is about 20 hours per day. You should not be too worried when you see puppies sleep a lot because when they are newborn, puppies who sleep a lot are completely normal

Like babies, puppies sleep a lot to keep their bodies healthy

The bigger, pet will sleep less, prefer exercise because now limbs and senses develop. Puppy likes to explore, very hyperactive.
⚡ Why Do Puppies Bite?
Do puppies sleep a lot?
Sleep is very important for pets. However, when you are 2 months old, you should not let your dog sleep too much during the day, but stimulate the dog to improve health, resistance and flexibility for the puppy.
You can get your puppy to sleep on time by changing your puppy's routine.
Every morning, after eating, play with your dog and jump in the yard. In the afternoon you can walk the dog
By doing this, your puppy will develop a healthy habit, helping him to go to bed on time and have a better sleep

Puppies sleeping a lot are a sign of depression
Watch for puppies' signs of abnormal behavior, most likely your pet is suffering from:
Puppies are sick
When puppies sleep, their bodies look tired and eyes lethargic. Accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite, runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea. At this time, the dog is sick. You need to contact a veterinarian immediately for timely diagnosis. Avoid not clearly identifying the type of disease and the cause of indiscriminate use of drugs harmful to the dog.
Puppies have convulsions
Puppies will have some signs of seizures or bites when they sleep. However, these are normal signs. Puppy may be having a dream

. Close up and cuddle the puppy's fur so they can quickly fall back to sleep.
When puppies sleep a lot, accompanied by other symptoms, you should take your baby to see a veterinarian.
If signs of seizures appear more and more during sleep and prolonged periods, wake the puppy so he doesn't feel tired. You can also bring your dog to the clinic.
Puppies with depression
Dogs are not inanimate objects. They also know how to express emotions like humans. For puppies, there are many causes of stressed dogs:
Dogs are separated, moved to a new place: Leaving their mother and brothers makes the puppy feel sad and lonely. Puppies must adapt to completely different conditions that cause anxiety, do not like to communicate with other animals

. All day alone and sleep a lot.
Not receiving the attention of the owner: When abandoned by the owner, there will be negative thinking, depression, and stressful mood. Puppy will have reflexes and sleep all day.
Change your diet: Puppies have to adapt to new foods that are not suitable for their taste, which is why they are not excited about eating.Instead, puppies come to sleep as a comfort.
⚡ How to Bathe a Puppy at 2 Months Old
What to do when puppies sleep a lot?
When you've determined the cause of your puppy's excessive sleep. Take remedies if you don't want your puppy to be depressed. This is a very difficult disease to cure and has many consequences

Spend more time with pets
Adapting to a new habitat is not easy with your puppy. So please provide adequate material for puppies. A variety of varied daily meals makes the dog more appetizing. Occasionally reward your dog with the foods he loves. Walking with a boss or playing is a way to integrate into the environment and forget about the old place.
To avoid depression, spend more time with your dog.
This time should not let other pets bother the dog. After a week, when the boss gets used to the new home, let the pets play with other people or pets

. Avoid the situation that they will later fight over territory or equipment.
Cuddle fondly whenever needed
Your encouragement and concern is the greatest comfort to your pet. They will feel assured and taken care of. Every day you take the time to caress, confide. Later, the dog will likely become a soulmate. A place for you to be sad and happy. And always rewarded when they obey and are good at something is also a way to motivate the boss spirit.
Puppies who sleep a lot are a normal part of their body if not accompanied by other symptoms

Puppies sleep a lot if they are still eating and drinking normally, do not need to worry. Because this is just a physiological phenomenon that every animal must undergo in each stage of development from birth. Regularly observe pet behavior g.

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