Is Royal Canin Cat Food Review Good?

Royal Canin cat food always gives consumers an easy choice by diverse products. Is this food really good? How to choose the right type for cats? This article will answer all your questions about cat food Royal Canin.
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Origin of Royal Canin cat food products
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Royal Canin is a food product for dogs and cats of French origin. This is a product line that cat and dog owners all over the world trust and use. Products are manufactured on state-of-the-art technology lines and are thoroughly researched and tested before being launched to the market

Royal Canin is a famous pet food company, especially for cats.
Over 30 years of establishment and development, Royal Canin has always stood firm in the hearts of consumers and increasingly appreciated by the quality that this product line aims to create healthy and pleasing pets. owner

In Vietnam, products are sold very popular and are imported goods, but no official factory

Royal Cat's cat food product information
Royal Canin cat food has a variety of product lines for cats of different ages. In particular, there are intensive product lines for each type of cat based on field research and captive traits.
Royal Canin products are famous for supporting and treating cats.
Royal Canon products always create the appetite for dogs and cats, giving pets the stimulation of taste when eating. Ensure balanced and safe nutrition for your cat.
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Nutrition facts in Royal Canin cat food
Protein: Every Royal Canin cat food product uses a high quality protein, ensuring the cat can absorb maximum nutrients.
Starch: Corn is the main ingredient providing starch in Royal Canin products
It is a very healthy nutritious food, containing high starch and 41% carbohydrates

. There is also a good amount of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus. There is little sugar in the corn, so it does not cause blood sugar mutations.
Fat: The energy in the body is formed by fat metabolism. With the right amount of fat, Royal canin products always control the weight and limit the accumulation of fat for pets.
Royal Canin cat food products
Understanding consumer psychology, Royal Canin has worked hard to explore and develop strategic product lines to meet all needs of pets. Because of this advantage, consumers can easily choose the right product for their pets.
Royal Canin is also one of the few food brands recommended by veterinarians.
Intensive food
A type of cat food used in treatment cases, after treatment to restore the health of your cat

. They are recommended for cats with heart, kidney or diabetes conditions. This is also the food line that doctors often recommend to keep sick cats, so Royal Canin is definitely safe for pets.
Food according to special regime
This is a specialized food for cats with characteristics of lifestyle, appearance, care conditions of the owner. For example, domestic cats, sedentary need to use products for cats diet, sedentary. Or cat products specifically for cats with digestive problems.
In addition to dried seeds, Royal Canin is also a leader in the technology to produce cat seeds.
Canned food
Canned foods meet the abundant nutritional needs of animals. They are suitable for cats who need good nutrition or are ill

. If your cat is underweight, this is the right choice because the nutrient content of canned foods will help keep your pet healthy and fast.
Granular food
Dried nuts always stimulate the taste buds and are a favorite food for most cats. Granular foods are divided into categories: cat food from birth to 4 months, cat food for 4 to 12 months and cat food for adults, over 12 months. Each provides cats with the nutrients they need for each period to help their overall growth.
In addition, Royal Canin also provides wet nuts for cats with teeth that are weak or newly cured, and have not yet eaten hard nuts.
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Why choose food for cats Royal Canin?
Before mass production and to consumers, dried products for Royal Canin cats are carefully tested on pets with the following criteria:
The product must be safe with the digestive system, supporting immune enhancement for pets.
Control calories effectively, prevent obesity and some other diseases.
Deodorizing effectively, limiting creating highly


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