Is Royal Canin Dog Food Review Good?

Royal Canin dog food is a familiar name in the pet food line. With a long-standing brand and superior product quality, this line of food has been increasingly chosen by many owners. Royal Canin is really good for dogs. This article will provide details of Royal Canin dog food products.
Origin of dog food Royal Canin
In 1986 in France, the Royal Canin dog and cat food company was founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary

. Products are quickly known and appreciated by consumers all over the world for quality.
Royal Canin cat and dog food is produced primarily at company-owned factories in South Dakota and Missouri. In Vietnam, this product is completely imported but no official factory

Some information about dog food Royal Canin
Royal Canin dog food is produced based on modern technology lines, intensive research on nutrition specifically for pets of different ages

The ingredients and ingredients for this feed are carefully selected based on in-depth standards and strict adherence to the quality and uniformity of ingredients.
Royal Canin has a variety of dog products of different ages. Therefore, consumers easily choose the product and do not have to worry about nutrition issues. In addition, Royal Canin's products are studied so deeply that they can solve problems related to the digestive system, excretion or food allergies of dogs and cats.
In the past, there were rare occasions when Royal Canin had to recall products. However, this is also a bloody lesson for this brand to draw valuable experience and explore and research more useful products. Therefore, after more than 30 years of establishment, the giant Royal Canin still stands firm in the market and increasingly captures consumers' trust

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Royal dog food ingredient Canin
Fat: Used in sufficient amounts to help provide energy for the body

. Fat is derived mainly from animal fat materials.
Protein: Protein in the product is mainly dry poultry such as duck, chicken. They provide the necessary nutrition for a healthy pet's growth.
Starch: Yellow corn flour, wheat flour, some cereals. This is an indispensable ingredient for the healthy development of your pet.
Beta glucan and mannan oligosaccharide: These are substances that stimulate the taste buds, make pets feel more palatable. When it enters the stomach, it also helps produce good bacteria for the digestive system.
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Pros of Royal Canin dog food
All Royal Canin products are tested on pets before being released to the market

More specifically than other brands is Royal Canin, which has separate product lines for each pet's age and captive characteristics that help consumers easily choose.
Choosing dry seeds for dogs Royal Canin, you do not need to add other foods because the seeds are full of minerals and vitamins necessary for the development of pets.
Because there are many types from expensive to cheap, it meets the needs of consumers. Royal Canin products are now fully sold at
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Is Royal Canin dog food good?
According to veterinary experts, we should use dog food products
Royal Canin products provide a complete range of nutrients for cats and dogs. Moreover, this product meets international standards and is certified globally. Meanwhile, the quality of domestic products can not be compared with

. And also less trusted by consumers to choose.
So you absolutely can safely choose this product for pets by the benefits that it brings more than harm. And over the years, Royal Canin has always been the first choice of wise owners.
Thus, you have been provided with quite detailed information about the Royal Canin dog food line. Hopefully this information will help you understand the product and make the best choice for your pet.
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