Is Royal Canin Kitten Good? Where Does Cat Food Buy Cheaply?

Royal Canin Kitten is a famous product for kittens from the pet food brand Royal Canin. So which brand is this? Are their products reputable? How is the quality of food for Royal Canin kittens? If you are a newcomer to the field of pet care. Still confused about the brand, especially Royal Canin Kitten. Let's answer with these questions by

Learn about the Royal Canin Kitten brand
The Royal Canin brand has long been known as a reputable pet food manufacturer worldwide. Specializing in specific product lines for each species (Professional), veterinary support products (Vet) and breeding farms (Breeder).
Born in France in the 70s, Royal Canin gradually expanded its market across Europe and North America
Continuing the prosperous development and receiving much trust from the pet loving community, Royal Canin continues to be strong and there are now more than 100 manufacturing factories worldwide

Right from its inception, the brand has continuously affirmed its prestige and personal impression through each product. Each type of food was born with the perfect nutrition ratio, taking care of pets on each stage of development, ensuring optimal health for those small friends. The brand has always pursued an intense mission, aiming to foresight, Royal Canin confidently locates the high-end and leading brand in the field of dog and cat nutrition.
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Overview of cat food Royal Canin Kitten
Product features Royal Canin Kitten
Royal Canin Kitten is a product specifically for kittens growing from 4 to 12 months of age.
Products that help baby cats strengthen their physicality in a period of strong growth, important early in life. Kittens at this time do not have complete development of the immune system and internal organs. Therefore, Royal Canin Kitten provides cats with a diet that builds a solid health foundation and a healthy life

The kibble (bead) is designed to be small and fit the little jaws of the kitten

. Lightweight, soft kibble texture that absorbs water quickly. You can flexibly change the daily menu, prepare porridge dishes, mix with broth, ... for kittens. Complementary nutrition, creating an interesting feeling when eating. With Royal Canin Kitten, cats can easily chew and digest food. Enjoy the taste of the dish to the fullest

Royal Canin is one of the leading pet food companies.
Uses of Royal Canin Kitten
Supports immune system health
While cats are still growing and developing, the immune system is still perfect. Therefore, manufacturers focus on developing proprietary antioxidant complexes that also contain Vitamin E, taurine to boost the health of the immune system. Increase the natural resistance for cats. Help your baby have a strong foundation against disease from an early age.
Royal Canin Kitten foods are easy to digest
Royal Canin Kitten's formulation contains LIP proteins (easily digestible proteins). Friendly to the digestive system of the puppies. Anti-allergy food, while helping cats can easily absorb all the protein, nourishing the perfect muscle

. In addition, prebiotics are also integrated, which work effectively in the intestinal system. Stimulating bacteria to grow; Since then, the nutrients also easy to resolve, absorb better. Digestive rate has been verified by brand. Royal Canin Kitten helps improve digestive efficiency in kittens by up to 90%
Kittens have a poor digestive system, so you should limit feeding your baby indigestible products.
Ensure safe growth
Product contains high protein content, full of essential minerals, vitamins. Not only does she support a healthy cat life, but she also nurtures a perfect appearance. The fiber, vitamin minerals are sufficient conditions for the organ system to function effectively. For example, calcium and phosphorus in moderation will help strengthen skeletal muscles

. Psyllium fiber is slime-like, helps laxative, ensures good fecal quality for cats, maintains intestinal health.
Quality nutrition in dried seeds for cats Royal Canin Kitten
Dried poultry meat
Top in the composition table. Poultry protein is the healthiest and safest for the digestive system of cats and dogs. Easily digested, absorbed, does not cause food allergies. Therefore it is not too difficult to understand when this protein is used mainly in Royal Canin Kitten.
Protein hydrolysates animals
During hydrolysis of animal protein, it is possible to produce MSG (monosodium glutamate), also known as monosodium glutamate or natural flavor. This is a food additive, added to add flavor to dishes. Ingredients n


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