Is The Food For Cats Royal Canin Intense Hairball Good?

Cat food Royal Canin Intense Hairball is trusted by many cat owners to use for their beloved cats. So, is this cat food product good and why is it so popular? The following article will give you and those who are seeking information about this product a satisfactory answer.
CAT FOOD is recommended by a vet
Characteristics of cat food Royal Canin Intense Hairball
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Cats that are raised and live regularly indoors are less likely to be active, need less energy and have a higher risk of obesity than cats kept in the yard. The daily life of these cats can avoid constant changes in temperature and weather but it is still very difficult to avoid the rapid growth of fur, leaving domestic cats always in a state of continuous hair loss. profane

This leads to the risk of them forming stomach hairs when swallowing their own hair. Understanding this risk completely affects the health of your cat, Royal Canin has researched to launch a product called Intense Hairball to help condition the fur in cats.
Close-up of anti-tufted food packaging in Canin cats

With this product, Royal Canin sets out the goals to be achieved, including:
Helps eliminate the formation of tufts
Support oral health
Supports digestive health
Ensure 100% balanced nutrition for cats
Guaranteed 100% satisfaction level of the cat owner

To achieve the set goals, Royal Canin has introduced its Royal Canin Intense Hairball cat food product line with the following outstanding features:
Royal Canin's effective anti-tufts formula has been shown to help double digestion of hair by the natural method by providing a combination of psyllium rich in mucus and microfiber that stimulates digestion. Instead of collecting hair in the stomach and vomiting, the hair will be collected in the stomach and removed regularly through the stool. The effectiveness of Royal Canin Intense Hairball has been shown to manifest itself only after 14 days of regular use. (Research conducted by Royal Canin 2013)
A tuft of fur is a very common disease in cats without good care.
The triangular food pellet texture helps promote cat's chewing, which reduces plaque formation on teeth.
The nutritional composition of Royal Canin Intense Hairball includes essential amino acids and minerals, while also adding essential vitamins that not only support digestive health but also ensure 100% balanced nutrition for cats.

Benefits when cats eat Royal Canin Intense Hairball food
With the characteristics as well as the well-researched formula as outlined in the previous section, the benefits that domestic cat food is susceptible to hair loss from 1 to 10 years of age Royal Canin Intense Hairball brings cats Your love will be:
Solving the tufts: The mechanism of action of the Royal Canin Intense Hairball product is to encourage intestinal transport through which helps facilitate the removal of cat hair in the stomach through the stool

Ensuring dental health: The unique shape and texture are protected exclusively by cat food products Royal Canin Intense Hairball to help care for teeth to reduce the formation of food plaque on teeth, give cats A good oral health.
In addition to supporting the bun, Canin Intense Hairball Care also helps clean the cat's teeth thanks to a special bead design.
Ensuring digestive health: The composition as well as the nutritional composition of cat food Royal Canin Intense Hairball includes fiber blends that help support digestion, improve gut health for cats.
Mèo Cat Language Manual
Instructions for using Royal Canin Intense Hairball cat food properly
You should feed your cat according to the amount of food recommended by the manufacturer for the best effect:
For cats with normal weight: The weight of 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg respectively should eat the amount of food includes only 45g, 55g, 65g and 74g dry seeds.
For overweight cats: The weight level is 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg respectively, so eat only 36g, 44g, 52g and 59g dry food.
Where to buy genuine Royal Canin Intense Hairball cat food?
To ensure the health of your cat, you should choose to buy cat food Royal Canin Intense Hairball at reputable addresses, do not buy cat food, dry food for cats at unreliable places with with a cheap ham mentality because it can cause your cat with great risks if unfortunately it is a fake, poor quality product. One of the addresses that sells prestigious Royal Canin Intense Hairball products that you can refer to is

. is a reputable shop address when buying genuine Royal Canin seeds.

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