Is The Monge Pate Review For Dogs Good? Where Is The Cheapest Price?

Pate Monge for dogs is becoming more and more popular among pet owners in Vietnam. According to the feedback, the dogs also enjoyed this food flavor. So is Monge dog food really that great? What are the nutritional benefits that pate brings to your dog? What about the disadvantages of pate? Is this a diet that brings great health to dogs? Let review this interesting product.
Introducing Monge pate to dogs
Pate Monge for dogs is manufactured by the Monge brand, one of the leading pet food brands in Italy in particular and Europe in general

. With the mission to bring comprehensive care for pet health, each of Monge products is carefully cared for from raw materials, production to food safety inspections.
Since being founded in 13 with wet food for pets, Monge has always set pet health criteria as the focus of development. It was not until 2013 that Monge began to develop dry food
All food products reach a high level of quality and superior nutritional standards

The Monge brand from Italy has more than 57 experience in the pet food industry. Their products have received strong recognition throughout Europe. Therefore, you can be assured of trust in the quality and safety of Monge pate products for dogs.
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Is Pate Monge good for dogs?
Nutritional ingredients
Ingredients: Fresh turkey meat (> 10%), poultry, chicken liver, pork liver, vitamins and minerals (A, D3, E).
Component analysis:
9% protein
7.0% fat
Raw ash 0.5%
2% fiber
Moisture 82%
Vitamin A 3000 U

Vitamin D3 400 U.I./kg
Vitamin E 15 mg./kg
Before getting into the reviews about Pate Monge products for dogs is it good? Let's analyze the ingredients table to get a general view of the nutritional resources that pate Monge bring to dogs.
The protein
The main source of food for dogs is meat. The meat content in Monge pate is relatively high. As a result, we can be confident that the product provides a food source that meets protein and energy needs during the day

. As a result, dogs can develop muscles, grow and develop steadily. Moreover, it can be noticed that Monge was very clever in selecting materials. All meats are derived from high quality poultry meat. The most notable is the fresh turkey meat (> 10%). According to nutrition experts, this is one of the most nutritious meats. In addition to the highest protein, turkey is also rich in other vitamins and minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B1, B6, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, ..

. This high quality protein provides a complete nutrition. Helping you to take care of the dog's skin, fur and nails. Reinforce healthy skin, nourish the shiny hair perfectly.
Monge helps supplement the protein from fresh fish meat.
Fat is provided primarily through the meat found in Monge pate for dogs. Besides, the product is also added fat from fish oil. Enhance Omega-3, DHA, EPA. Stimulate brain development, help cats become smarter and more alert

. The fat content of food accounts for 7%, a relatively proportion. Be sure to provide enough energy for your dog to work for the day. Not only that, they also give dogs a perfect appearance, physical, mental health. However, if you are not careful to give your dog too much Monge pate, he will be very easy to gain weight.
Fiber, vitamins, minerals
A special feature in Monge pate for this dog makes the brand outperform other foods on the market. Typically, fruit and vegetable content is less likely to occur in pate, with the majority focusing on developing meat and fat proteins. However, Monge pate for dogs has brought a new improvement by adding more fruits and vegetables. Some outstanding dog pates include: Monge Fruit Salmon / apple pear

. Monge Fresh Chicken and greens. The fiber, vitamin and mineral ingredients from fresh fruits and vegetables will provide tremendous nutritional benefits.
The top 3 vitamins are vitamins A, D3, and E. Vitamin A supplements the eyes, helps dog's eyes become flexible and alert. Vitamin D3 in fish oil and turkey helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus better, strengthens bones and joints, creating a stable shape for your dog. In addition, the meat and vegetables also contain minerals like Iron, Zinc, ..

. prevent anemia. Antioxidant compounds such as selenium, vitamin E help stabilize the system of organs, strengthen the immune system, improve the natural resistance of dogs.
Some types of pate monge are mixed with fruits, helping to add vitamins to the dog.
Pate Monge advantages for dogs
By analyzing the composition table above, we can draw some advantages of Pate Monge for dogs as follows:
Pate does not contain starch. Delivers concentrated nutrition, needed.

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