Is Wheezing Cat A Sign Of Pulmonary Edema?

Cat wheezing is a warning sign of many respiratory diseases, of which the most dangerous is pulmonary edema. Therefore, owners often want to know the symptoms of this disease. The medical term for pulmonary edema is fluid in the lungs (fluid accumulation in the lungs). Fluids in cats' lungs can be caused by congestive heart failure, trauma or infection such as pneumonia. In this article, PetshopSaigon

.vn will summarize the cause of cat with pulmonary edema and symptoms causing breathing difficulties for cats.
Dyspnea is often referred to as "dyspnea" in medical terms. Symptoms of shortness of breath include increased breathing rate, forced breathing, mouth breathing, or breathing in an abnormal position
Cats suffering from pulmonary edema or shortness of breath should often lean forward to breathe as shown below

Shortness of breath can occur at any time during cats' breathing.
There are many causes for a cat's difficulty breathing. When cats have this condition, the tissues will not get enough oxygen and make them sick eg respiratory diseases such as asthma, airway obstruction (due to foreign body), infection or pulmonary edema, Pleural effusion (accumulation of extra-pleural fluid).
The cause of pulmonary edema causes wheezing
Fluid in the lungs of cats can be caused by many different causes. They are often categorized as causes at the heart (causing heart disease) and causes outside the heart (not causing heart disease).
Cause at heart
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Therefore causing congestion in the heart, lungs and tissues, organs in the body
Two common heart conditions that cause congestive heart failure are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and dilated cardiomyopathy in cats

. These diseases can cause cats to lethargy, weakness, decreased appetite and physical weakness.
The difficulty in breathing makes the cat feel tired and lethargic.
Causes outside the heart
Pneumonia is a bacterial infection of the lungs. When pneumonia is present, the cat's immune system is weakened, causing the cat to wheeze frequently. Pneumonia can occur at any age but is more common in kittens or older cats.
Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells on or in the body. Cats are more likely to get cancer and the bigger they are, the higher their risk. In fact, cancer accounts for nearly half of the deaths of pets over the age of 10

. The cancer may be fixed at one location, or it may invade nearby tissue and spread throughout the body. Cancer can develop in the lungs, spread to or develop in tissues near the lungs, leading to an increase in the amount of fluid in or around the lungs. Non-perpetual female cats are susceptible to breast cancer (metastatic breast adenocarcinoma).
Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is one of the most common conditions that occur in cats especially kittens, signs of a wheezing cat several times a day. Signs may include sneezing, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, mouth ulcers and / or shortness of breath.
Cats wheeze for a long time will be very dangerous to the baby's respiratory system.
Head injuries can occur when a cat is hit by a car, crushed by a chair, bitten by another animal or other causes of injury. Some cats with head injuries may have pneumonia because of fluid in the lungs, causing the cat to wheeze

Electric shock or electric shock trauma nerve cells by the terrible heat caused when electricity flows through the body's cells. Cats are shocked with electricity because they bite down on wires that carry low voltage. But that only happens to curious and naughty kittens. Exposure to high voltage current rarely occurs and is only life-threatening when there is a major injury in the body.
Seizures, also known as seizures, are the overactive and abnormal activity of the cortical neurons. It leads to a series of involuntary contractions of muscles, causing feelings, abnormal behavior or some other symptoms. A cat's seizure can last from a few seconds to minutes. The underlying causes of seizures include encephalitis, brain tumors, intoxication or nervous system disorders

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and acute lung damage (ALI) are serious respiratory diseases cats can acquire. Complicated changes lead to the alteration of inflamed cells causing the cat to wheeze and occasionally pleural effusion (usually in infected cats or pneumonia).
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< Top 4 must-have nutrition for cats What to eat for cats to fluffy? Cats do not eat to do? 7 tips to help keep your cat healthy in the house Is wheezing cat a sign of any other illness? Wheezing cats are also a sign of asthma. Cat asthma, also known as "allergic bronchitis" or "allergic asthma," is a condition in which the airway obstruction is caused by a sudden bronchial stenosis. This condition is caused by spasms of the bronchial tubes and increased production of secretions from the bronchial tree. The symptoms cause the situation.

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