Kidney Failure In Cats: Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Renal failure in cats is a disease classified into chronic renal failure and acute renal failure. Acute renal failure is a sudden decline in kidney function, while chronic kidney failure is a gradual loss of kidney function.
In medicine, "kidney" and "kidney" both mean the kidney should abbreviate acute renal failure in English as ARF or AKF.
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish acute renal failure in cats and chronic kidney failure. Animals that have not been tested for a long time can be misdiagnosed as acute kidney failure even though the disease has progressed quite a long time and becomes chronic

Kidney failure causes cats to feel tired, lose appetite, and lose weight.
The kidney's function is to filter wastes and excess from the blood and excrete them in the urine. When kidney disease develops to a certain stage, it will cause abnormalities in electrolytes and accumulation of fluid and waste in the cat's body
The change in the kidney can affect almost every system in the cat body

. Even with intensive treatment, severe kidney failure can kill a cat.
Causes of acute renal failure in cats
There are many causes of kidney failure in cats. These may include:
Obstruction of the urinary tract: This is the most common cause of kidney failure in cats. This situation can be overcome by reducing congestion. See also: Dangerous urological diseases in cats
Kidney toxicity: There are several toxins that can be dangerous to the kidneys.
Eating Lily: This is also a cause for cats with acute kidney failure. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your cat to this plant
See also: Top 15 plants that cause cat poisoning
Ethylene glycol is a nephrotoxic active substance contained in anticoagulants

. Antifreeze is sweet but ingesting in small amounts can kill a cat. See also: Antifreeze poisoning (Ethylene glycol) in cats
Certain antibiotics, such as the aminoglycoside group (Amikacin and Gentamycin), can damage the kidney tubes and lead to kidney failure in cats.
Taking too much antibiotics is also a cause of kidney failure in cats.
Other causes of toxicity include chemical poisoning such as toxic heavy metals (lead or arsenic), contrast dyes used for certain x-ray processes and certain anesthetics. .
Reduced blood flow to the kidneys can occur during anesthesia and surgery and can cause kidney failure in cats, and more importantly kidney failure.
Certain medications including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances such as ibuprofen can also cause acute kidney failure by reducing blood flow to certain parts of the kidney.
Other causes of reduced blood flow are severe dehydration, lightheadedness, poor heart function, heat stroke and severe infections (sepsis)

Infection. Acute bacterial infection of the kidney is also called pyelonephritis.
In addition, acute renal failure is caused by uncommon causes such as:
Glomerulonephritis is an acute inflammation of the glomeruli - a microscopic organ that filters blood and exudates fluids.
Glomerular degeneration is the deposition of an insoluble protein in the kidney.
A blockage due to a clot of an artery reaching the kidneys.
Hemolytic uremic syndrome is a disease characterized by hemolysis, thrombocytopenia and acute kidney injury caused by a certain strain of E.coli bacteria. This bacterium can cause liver and kidney failure

Kidney failure causes the cat to be always tired because the body does not flush toxins well.
Symptoms of acute renal failure in cats
Cats have a great hidden instinct. That's why sometimes when you find out, the disease is already quite severe. The symptoms of kidney failure are different for each cat and are often very general. For example, decreased appetite, vomiting, and weight loss are common symptoms associated with kidney failure. Specifically they include:
Decreased appetite or loss of appetite
Not paying attention
Drink a lot of water
Increased or decreased frequency of urination - usually decreased
Nausea and vomiting
Sleep more
Weight loss
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What are the symptoms of kidney disease in cats? Top 500 super cool names for dogs and cats 8 reasons why cats go to the bathroom in the wrong place Experience of keeping kittens from long-term farmers What should cats do if they are diagnosed with kidney failure? If your cat is diagnosed with kidney failure, the most important thing is to know why. Causes due to obstruction of the urinary tract or infection will be treated thoroughly. Causes caused by toxins or abnormalities in blood flow and oxygen transport will be more difficult to treat and can be life threatening despite intensive treatment

The most common causes of acute renal failure in cats are high blood potassium levels, acid-base disorders, high levels of waste in the blood (cat health is difficult to improve despite treatment with therapy. infusion solution). If your cat is admitted to a veterinary hospital, addressing the above issues is a necessary part of the treatment process.
Food for cats with kidney disease
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