Learn About Idiopathic (unexplained) Seizures In Dogs

Idiopathic epilepsy is a type of unexplained seizure, also known as a genetic seizure or congenital seizure. Seizures in dogs, also known as seizures, can be defined as "repeated involuntary contractions of muscles with changes from sensory, cognitive to motor behavior." . Seizures occur due to sudden and excessive discharge of a group of neurons in the brain.
When epileptic seizures occur, dogs may exhibit various symptoms such as facial muscle twitching, falling back, wild barking, teeth grinding, urination, uncontrolled defecation, and limb convulsions

Idiopathic seizures are usually not accompanied by any specific cause.
Unexplained seizures often occur suddenly, end naturally, and can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Idiopathic seizures can occur with both domestic and mixed dogs
Idiopathic epilepsy is even inherited in some dogs

. These include German Shepherd, Keeshond, Tervuren, Beagle, Setter Irish, Saint Bernard, Poodle, curly fox terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador retriever and Golden Retriever.
Because idiopathic epilepsy is a genetic disease, dogs should not be bred, including their close relatives (parents, siblings, siblings).
📍 Find out the causes of seizures in dogs
Three stages of idiopathic seizures in dogs
Dogs with epilepsy will go through the following stages:
Pre-epilepsy: At this stage the dog will begin to show symptoms of epilepsy such as fatigue, restlessness, moaning, trembling, drooling, wandering or hiding somewhere. These signs will last from a few seconds to a few days or are so vague that you can hardly recognize.
Seizures: Seizures last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Dogs will drool, lose control and convulsions of their limbs, not being aware of their surroundings.
Post-seizure: This stage occurs right after the seizure ends
Your dog will be confused, disoriented and may wander or even run away

. Or they will swoop in on you in search of peace. Dogs will do so for a short time or for up to several days.
The most recognizable sign of epilepsy is frothy foam.
What to do when a dog has idiopathic epilepsy (no known cause)
Do not panic: Because you are the one who can help your pet right now, you must be very calm to be able to solve things properly.
Measurement of idiopathic seizure time: Take time and record. Some seizures seem to last very long but in reality they only occur for a few tens of seconds. Measuring seizure time can contribute to the veterinarian making future diagnoses and recommendations for treatment.
Keep your dog in a safe area: Avoid keeping your dog in places near ponds, lakes, stairs or sharp objects

. If possible, place a pillow under your dog's head to prevent your dog from having a head injury during a seizure.
Use your hand to pinch the puppy so he doesn't bite his body.
Keep a record of the types of dog behaviors that occur when seizures occur: The veterinarian will encourage you to record the dates and times of these types of behaviors for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
If the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes: call a veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic right away.
Please be assured that the dog will not bite the wrong mouth: Do not put your hand in or near the dog's mouth if you do not want to be bitten. In addition, do not put anything into dog's mouth when they have epilepsy.
Keep epileptic dogs away from children and other animals.
Always be with your dog so that when the seizure is over, you can immediately comfort and soothe them

>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Dog yellow hair do? How many years is the dog's maximum life span? Why do dogs often lick the edge? How to prevent dogs from heat stroke due to heat What to do after the dog has idiopathic epilepsy? Observe dog behavior after they have epilepsy. Do not allow them to go near stairs unless they have completely recovered. Give the dog enough water to drink. Prepare to comfort your dog as soon as they have seizures. You have to be very calm to be able to take care of the dog the best. After a seizure, the dog will be disoriented and bewildered, so treat it gently. If your dog is not normal again after the seizure ends about 30 minutes, contact your local doctor or veterinary clinic. You should take your dog to a veterinary center if you have signs of a seizure

Cases of emergency seizures
Seizures last more than 10 minutes
Seizures occur many times a day
Continuous seizures
Diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy in dogs
By definition, idiopathic epilepsy is an unexplained seizure disorder, but it is important for the veterinarian to determine the overall health of the dog and ensure that the dog has no underlying disease. seizures. The doctor will order a complete medical history, physical and mental examination for the dog. Recommended diagnostic tests include.

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