Long-haired British Cat Food: 3 Common Mistakes When Buying

A suitable long-haired British cat food is the key to helping your cat develop comprehensively, especially keeping the coat smooth. What is more important than a healthy, sick little cat eating, Sen! Eliminate the misconceptions below and pocket cat recipes for you properly!
Maybe you do not know!
Long-haired British cats are the most susceptible to tufts because of their long hair, making it difficult for the digestive system to get rid of it when it licks and cleanses itself immediately.
Hair disease is a very common disease in cats. The disease is uncomfortable for cats when their digestive system does not fully digest the shed hair and forces the cat to vomit backwards. The disease also causes problems for farmers when they have to regularly clean the fur in the house

To solve this problem, many long-term cat owners have given their cats Royal Canin Hairball Care cat food to treat cat puffs. The special shape of the hairball care helps to wash away hairs from the digestive system and pushes them down the waste stream. This is why Hairball Care is so popular in European countries

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Hairy - Lonely - Fast

. 3 adjectives say it all. If the lotus job makes a dog think the owner has left them forever, then the cat does not care much.
The Great Black Cat (ALD) is famous for its sleek and beautiful fur.
Because of this, many people have a misconception that raising cats is easier than dogs because there is no need to invest too much affection and time. The following are the top 3 mistakes in choosing food for a cat owner.
Mistake 1: I think that domestic food is good for British long-haired cats
Should choose home-made or pre-made food? Before making a decision, the taboo that the owner should avoid is feeding the cat his food because the two races have completely different digestive systems.
Cats should not share food with us because it is easy to affect the digestive system

Cats themselves belong to the prey family, so the ingredients in cat food are mainly meat and very little vegetables

. However, many "mistresses" misunderstand and feed the cats cats too much vegetables, which indirectly affects the health of long-haired cats.
In addition to vegetables, another spice quite familiar in family meals but extremely dangerous for cats is salt. Therefore, when deciding to make cat food at home, the owner needs to be well-prepared, from financial to nutritional knowledge.
Food specifically for cats will provide adequate nutrition for active babies
The cat food content must meet the following 6 nutrients: starch, protein, minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and water. In which the owner should note the following 2 substances:
Water: The most important factor in your cat's diet. Water helps keep the cat's body temperature stable, releases toxins, digests food and regulates other body activities.
Protein: Cats need much higher amounts of protein because their digestive system has the ability to turn protein into energy, while humans and other breeds can only use protein to grow and build muscle.
Cat food is available in both dry and wet forms

. ALD cats can eat both types without a problem,
In general, investing in cat food at home is quite elaborate. If you are not confident about your ability to enter the kitchen, you should learn about available products.
There are two types of cat food: dry (seed) and wet (pate). The option for the "meager" team is to feed the grain, but it should be noted that providing enough water for the cat.
Pate can be mixed with nuts to stimulate the appetite of the baby.
More advanced can include Pate. This is a better cat food, allowing it to be more easily digested and better absorb nutrients.
That's basically it, but not "cat food" is fine

. The choice of nutrition depends on the breed.
Mistake 2: My long-haired British Cat can eat any kind of food
Don't be subjective like that! If the owner simply thinks that his long-haired British cat is very easy to keep and eats any cat food, then this is a completely misconception.
On the contrary, they need to be cared for with the right food if they do not want to occasionally hear whistling or look at their heads with "tufts", a noticeable symptom of tufts
ALD cats are more susceptible to tufts if not taken care of properly.
Hair tufts are quite common in cats. The cause comes from the habit of "bathing", a little bit licking the cat's body. Because of the inability to digest hairs in the abdomen, they gradually accumulate in the stomach, forming tufts that disrupt the digestive system.
Instinctively, domestic cats will vomit these tufts but there are still severe cases of bowel obstruction. The owner needs to bring his long-haired British cat to the veterinarian if he sees the following symptoms:
Constantly spitting but not vomiting up a tufts of fur
Constipation / diarrhea
This disease is easy to see also easy to prevent

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