Newborn Dog With Diarrhea: First Aid In Emergency

Newborn dog has diarrhea that makes you very worried. Diarrhea is a condition in which the body responds to external factors, affecting the dog's digestive system. In some cases, diarrhea in puppies is a sign of pathology and therefore you need to take your baby to a veterinary center.
However, there are many cases where there is no danger and you can apply pet care measures at home to cure. The following tips may help you in the process of caring for newborn dogs

Cause newborn dogs have diarrhea
Due to breast milk poisoning
If your dog is still in the exclusive breastfeeding period, the diarrhea may be breast milk poisoning. Manifestations of breast milk poisoning are refusal to breastfeed, complaining much, cold people, diarrhea.
Psychological factors
Newborn dogs when separated are often psychologically afraid, lonely
Puppies usually lie curled up at an angle, do not like to socialize

. Therefore, a mild stress response will cause the pet to have diarrhea.
Diarrhea makes your dog feel tired and tired in daily activities.
Diet changes
When breast milk is no longer the main food source, puppies will learn to eat other foods. A different diet may be the cause of diarrhea in puppies.
Moreover, the puppies are very active, they are in the process of developing senses, so anything they see licks, bites or swallows. Eating unhealthy things is the germ of diarrhea in newborn dogs.
Due to transmission
Diarrhea may be related to viruses such as parvovirus and distemper
It can also be caused by intestinal parasites like worms and hookworms, protozoa like giardia and bacteria like salmonella and Ecoli

Due to immunity
The newborn dog's immune system is not fully developed when it is young and has not been vaccinated. This means they are more likely to get sick than adult dogs.
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First aid when newborn dog has diarrhea
As you can see, there are many causes of diarrhea in puppies. And this is a sign that you see at first so it is not possible to accurately diagnose the problem your pet is having. Need to observe the expression of puppies for timely first aid measures. Can be divided into 2 cases:
Case 1: Newborn dog has diarrhea from eating strange things
When your dog has diarrhea but his eyes are still bright, he is still playing and sleeping normally. It could be an intestinal rejection reaction when a dog eats something he shouldn't eat. Let your dog fast for 12-24 hours

. to restore the pet's sensitive intestinal tract. Only clean water should be given to the puppy now. See also: Dog food in nature should and should not be eaten
After the rest, feed your pet back to a light diet. Do not give your dog greasy food, avoid milk, eggs, red meat or seasoning with food. It is best to use shredded chicken mixed with white rice or noodles.
During the time of diarrhea, you should not feed your dog strong or raw foods.
You should split the amount of food to prevent the dog from overeating after a long period of starvation. Maintain this diet for 2-3 days to stabilize your pet's bowels

Use yeast that is specific to puppies. The advice is to mix Probiotic, a beneficial gut bacteria for sale in pet stores. They help the puppy with digestion very well.
After 1-2 days if you follow the above diet and notice that your puppy is recovering, you can be assured that your dog will only have strange food and diarrhea. If you are careful, you can take your dog to the clinic and have vaccinations to prevent animal-borne diseases
Case 2: Diarrhea is an early manifestation of dangerous diseases
If the newborn dog exhibits diarrhea with mucus or vomiting. Body fatigue, drowsiness, refusal to eat, lethargic eyes best bring your dog to see a veterinarian for timely diagnosis and remedies. Because if left for too long will be life-threatening and can spread to puppies or other pets. When traveling, you should bring a stool sample to have accurate tests to shorten the treatment process for pets

🌟 Puppies of Baby Puppies: Causes & Treatment
Measures to prevent newborn dogs from diarrhea
For pets who have to adapt to a new environment, give them a break. So do not let other pets or strangers bother you now. Let your dog own space to rest and adapt.
During treatment, you should be closer to your dog so that he will feel secure and comfortable.
The owner is like a strong mental support, so when feeding, you should calm the pet so that the pet can feel the care cared for.In addition, when you are free, you should bring the dog. strolling, exercising makes Boss spirit more comfortable and faster to integrate with the environment.
In addition, you should pay attention to always ensure the hygiene of food and drink as well as the residence of the dog to avoid spreading the disease by external factors


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