Poodle Dog Bath And Shower Gel Is Appropriate?

How to bathe a Poodle? Poodle is now one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. With their curly and thick fur, it is probably difficult to care for. So, what should we use to bathe our dog? Which shower gel is good? Learn how to bathe your Poodle right away.
Must-know things about how to bathe a Poodle
Why should I bathe regularly for Poodle?
Surely everyone who is raising Poodle also understands the difficult nature of their fur, right. With the baby's unruly characteristics, it is inevitable to contact the sandy soil and make the fur dusty

. Moreover, their bushy fur is always an ideal environment for parasites to cling. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to bathe your dog Poodle so that it is healthy, soft and fluffy.
When to bathe the Poodle?
In the way you bathe your dog, choosing a dog bath time is very important
Usually, in hot, humid summers, the frequency of bathing for Poodle usually fluctuates 2-3 times a week

. Depending on your baby's outdoor activities, you have a different shower plan for your baby. In cooler, drier winters, you should reduce it to once a week or two weeks. Because if you bathe too much, the water can cause a cold for the puppies.
You can also adjust the bath schedule for pets according to their size. Tiny and Toy Poodle, for example, are smaller and weaker in size. You can choose how to bathe your dog Poodle with the appropriate frequency such as every 2 weeks or 3 weeks 2 times.
Alternatively, go for the simpler way: bathing the Poodle whenever the fur is dirty
In order to limit the dust and dirt, the bacteria can multiply and cause harm to the dog

Curly Poodle dog fur should be easy to stick to the dust.
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Bathing guide for Poodle easily
Currently there are many people who own Poodle dogs, but not everyone knows how to bathe the Poodle correctly. Although when Poodle was introduced to Vietnam, they were able to adapt to the weather and climate here. But it was inevitable that the tufts of hair would fall out, become sticky and frizzy. If you do not care properly, bathing Poodle dogs will be thousands of times more difficult, and it will affect their aesthetic beauty as well. So, you need to equip yourself with the most scientific way to bathe your dog Poodle right now.
Preparation phase
How to check the Poodle before bathing
Checking on hairs and shedding first will make it easier and easier to bathe your Poodle. You need to gently and gently brush your dog to remove any foreign material and any remaining broken hair

. When combing, use a wide-toothed comb or a special-sized comb to avoid damage to Poodle's skin. Also, be sure to check for open wounds before you take your dog to the bath to avoid hurting your baby.
Check for open wounds: Poodle has an extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, if the environment changes a bit, our Poodle can get skin diseases right away. However, you also need to clean the dog's body regularly with a special itchy shower gel for dogs. The cleaner the body, the faster the dog will recover.
Before bathing, you need to carefully examine the dog's wounds under the fur.
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How to prepare bath water for dogs Poodle
The best way to bathe Poodle is to have a thorough preparation from the bathroom to the necessary items

. Bathrooms for pets need to be completely air-tight to avoid the wind causing colds in dogs. Moreover, the way to mix bath water for dogs Poodle must also pay a little attention. Because Poodle's body is susceptible to disease, the bath water needs to be at a sufficient temperature neither too cold nor too hot. To see if the water is warm enough, you can test it with your hands. Hot water is about 30-40 degrees Celsius, like when we take a shower.
Bathing phase for dogs Poodle
The Poodle is one of the smartest and most easygoing dogs. Therefore, the way to bathe a Poodle is also relatively easy after you have fully prepared. Make sure you have all your dog bath supplies, such as combs, bath oils, soft towels and noise-reducing dryers available, if available

. Let's get started !!!
Step 1: The first way to bathe a Poodle is to gently drain the water from the body to the tail. Wet the coat and gently massage the baby to remove dirt on the fur and skin. You should note that it should not be rinsed directly on the baby's face, but should only wipe with a wet cloth soaked briefly.
Step 2: Use a small amount of Poodle dog wash gently, foam on hands and massage gently on the dog. How to bathe your dog Poodle will help your baby more comfortable and comfortable when bathing. Alternatively, you can use a small, wet, wet cloth to cover your baby's eyes, and then start brushing the soap through the hair on Poodle's face to clean.
Step 3: Rinse the baby again with water. A good way to bathe a Poodle dog with soap is to use a non-clawed hand from the neck to the tail

. Can help you clean the soap quickly, most thoroughly. However, you should not rely too much, but check l.

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