Poodle With Gray Hair: Causes And Solutions

Poodle has gray fur which makes pets ugly and inferior. You are wondering what to do to fix this situation? Read this article immediately to get back the fur with the original color and smooth for pets.
Poodle dogs have basic colors are black, reddish brown, white. After a period of care, some dogs do not retain the original coat color that is discolored. May be darker than before or change to another color

. To explain this dog's discoloration, veterinarians have several main causes
Poodle has become gray due to the environment
How to whiten dog hair yellowing Poodle dog food handbook
Simple dog hygiene for your dog's hair: Causes & Treatment
For dogs who often play in the sun, sunbathe or light in a stable. It is possible that the sun has discolored your dog's fur.
A dusty environment is also a factor in fading dog fur
The families living near the roads are working, wharves, often exposed to dust, polluted air also significantly affects the color of pet hair

There are many causes of unhealthy dog fur.
Poodle is grayed due to its growth period
Each dog will go through 3 stages in life: growth, rest, liberation. The process of molting will take place slowly, the new hair alternating with old hair makes it difficult to identify.
Or maybe the dog has a discolored coat due to the genetic makeup. Some dogs carry the G-locus gene. This is a genetic mutation that changes a dog's coat color at 3 months of age. It is possible that the color change will end with adult or regular periodic moult with some other dogs

Poodle has gray hair from using the wrong shower gel
Bathing your dog with a human shower gel, or using a cat bath for long periods of time is the cause of pet coat discoloration

. Some people who buy dog shampoo do not pay attention to the color of the dog wash. The dog is brown but uses black dog bath gel. This is also the reason why dogs change color.
Waxy shower gel is also the reason why your dog's fur is not beautiful.
Poodle has graying hair due to lack of substance
Pets are not looked after properly. Daily nutrition also affects the coat. The process of eating without the necessary nutrients also makes the coat of the dog ragged, not beautiful colors as expected.
Poodle has graying hair due to athlete's foot
If your pet has skin problems and requires treatment, there is a chance that the fur will become discolored

. When to see a veterinarian, the application of topical creams, medication greatly affects the dog's fur.
How to fix Poodle with gray fur
With the above reasons, except genetic factors, we can completely overcome the condition of silver hair in Poodle.
Daily care
Avoid giving your dog too much sunlight. When the sun is as big as noon, the afternoon should let the dog play indoors or shady. Polluted smog not only worsens the dog's coat color, but also quickly gets dirty, accumulating many bacteria. So if your home is in dusty places, keep your dog indoors.
You should not let your dog roll outside much because dust and dirt will affect the color of your baby's coat.
Also, buy the right type of pet shower gel

. There are many types of dog shampoos and according to their coat color characteristics. If your dog is white, buy milk for white coat. Avoid mixed use.
Prevention is better than cure. Always clean your dog. Just avoid the infectious disease, just a way for the dog is always sweet with the coat to color as you like and always smoother.
Getting your dog to eat well every day is also a way to help him develop balance. If you do not know the specific nutrition for Poodle at each stage, you can refer to information in the press to prepare daily dog food

Experienced dog breeders should give the duck eggs upside down because the duck eggs contain a lot of protein and necessary nutrients to help smooth the fur. You should give your dog 1-2 eggs a week. Do not give your dog a lot of rice because this is also the reason that the dog's fur is discolored quickly. So you can reduce the amount of rice at each meal if you want to maintain a nice coat for your pet.
Eating well nutrition will help your dog's fur to be strong and beautiful.
How to groom pets?
Some Poodle have very curly and very soft fur, others do not. In terms of hair characteristics, it depends on the location of each child. But according to share, if you like to give your dog a stylish curly coat, shave regularly

. Shave as much as hair will curly.
The process of forming a new coat will take a long time. In the meantime, you should use the vitamin E ingredient shower gel for pets to help new hair grow shiny. When hair grows, the hair will stick together, you can use some products containing Coat Conditioner to help the fur smoothly.
Above are the share of Poodle dogs with gray fur and other measures.

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