Puppy Bites: All Causes Of Disability And Training

Puppy dog bites are a problem that owners have a headache and do not know how to fix it. Everyday furniture is ruined by your puppy. Let's find out why puppies are often bitten and remedies in this article.
Why do dogs often bite?
Puppy bites are a very common habit that need to be trained from an early age.
There are many reasons why puppies may bite, be it subjective or objective, here are some key reasons you can look for:
When puppies are separated from their mothers, they should be sad and no one will play alone, leading to depression and destructive behaviors

Puppies will teething at 3-8 weeks of age. At this time, long dog teeth, unpleasant gums are the cause of puppies or bites as a way to address the physiological needs of sadness, itching.
A puppy may be considered to be biting as a play of attention to the owner or other dog

In addition, when you see your pet or gnaw at the walls of mortar walls is a sign that the dog is calcium deficient

. Dogs at different ages have different calcium requirements, so you need to supplement them. When there is a shortage of dogs there will be a need to find food to eat.
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How to treat puppies or bite things
With the main reasons listed above, take the time to look closely at your dog to find out what causes a dog to bite and find a remedy.
Physical fitness test for pets
Make sure your pet is not low in calcium, if you do not know how to check or add calcium to your dog, it is best to see your veterinarian.
With new puppies, you should spend time playing with pets such as walking, jogging, exercise. You can also pet and talk to him. This is not only good for the health and psychology of puppies but also limits the bad condition of puppies
And also help develop the relationship between you and them

Do you need to check if your puppy or biting dog is because he is sad or wants to attract attention?
Should provide toys for pets. On the market there are many products to pet toys. When choosing dog clothes, choose items that are the right size for their teeth and mouth. This makes it easier for the dog to forgive when needed. Do not choose items shaped like similar household items such as slippers, TV controls ... because pets can not distinguish and you may struggle to find or expensive to buy new

🔰 How to Teach Dogs Not to Bite the Owner
Limit the forgiveness of puppies
Cleaning up your home neatly is a way to prevent pets from biting. Items such as wires, baby toys, shoes should be kept high above the dog to avoid being punctured.
Limit distracting items so as not to give your puppy the habit of biting.
If the dog's biting habit has been around for a long time and you haven't found an effective remedy, spray sprays can be applied. Spray in areas where you do not want your pet to be close. They work to create a scent that dogs hate, so that the dog will not dare to approach or bite the dog.
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Teach puppy or bite to listen to the owner
Train the puppies so they don't bite
Puppies often bite if not overcome, putting them into the framework will become a habit. Your pet's furniture will be devastated by the dog's ability to shut down his eyes

. Hurry up and explain to the dog that it is an object they are not allowed to touch, which is a misconduct.
Use a training spray bottle to make the training process simpler and more effective.
Train your dog by leaving the item not allowed to bite in front of the dog. When your puppy approaches, say no. If the dog deliberately puts it in his mouth, gently take it out and be firm. As for what your dog is allowed to play, reward him with his favorite food. Doing so a few times will form a good habit for your dog.
Pay attention when training puppies
When you see a puppy biting ruin your stuff

. Do not rush to beat or punish it. Make your dog understand that such behavior is wrong, avoid yelling at hurting her spirit, causing her to panic and will attempt to destroy it.
You should not be scolded when training your puppy because this will make him feel scared.
Avoid waving your hands and feet in front of your dog because doing so might make your dog think you are encouraging him. Puppies can bite you on your hands and feet, hurting you.
In addition, playing with dogs is also a way to connect between you and your pet, the dog will be more obedient and less biting.
Note, you should not jerk off when the dog is gnawing. This will make the dog think that you are playing, so the dog will play and jump to get the items

. Gradually forming bad habits.
Should grinding teeth for puppies?
It is no coincidence that the market is selling a lot of dog tooth grinding products. Tooth grinding is a very important process for pets. It helps the dog's teeth to be strong,.

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