Revealing The Price Of Food For Cats Royal Canin How Much?

Is the price of food for Royal Canin cats expensive? If you are wondering about the choice of Royal Canin cat food products, you should not ignore this article.
Is food for Royal Canin cats good?
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A few things about the Royal Canin brand
Founded by a veterinarian, right from the early days this food brand has been trusted by users for in-depth research to meet the needs of animal nutrition. From raw material selection to production, the market reaches the international quality standards. Therefore, after more than 30 years of establishment and development, the Royal Canin brand still stands on the market and is increasingly chosen by the owners as a reliable companion to take care of pets.
What nutrients are available in Royal Canin seeds for cats?
Based on in-depth studies on the pet's body and captivity

. This food brand launches products suitable for each age, characteristics of each pet. The nutritional composition of food is based on more than 50 types of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids .

. These are all important factors needed to maintain and develop a balanced health for pets.
With the motto of providing necessary nutrition to help animals grow healthy. Royal Canin has never disappointed its customers. Because whether your cat is small or large, whether raised indoors or active, the temple has the right specialized products to ensure balanced energy, providing the best resistance for pets.
Is Royal Canin safe for cats?
Food safety is always a top priority of this brand. Due to intensive research, the materials used for production are carefully selected, ensuring a clean source of raw materials. Careful pre-processing with state-of-the-art machinery that meets international standards at licensed manufacturing plants
This is the strength that makes millions of farmers around the world appreciate the quality of this product

Is the price of food for Royal Canin cats expensive?
Royal Canin is a food brand recommended by many vets. Despite of very good quality, Royal Canin dry food is not too expensive for Vietnamese consumers. Specifically, you only need about 100,000 VND to be able to buy a bag of Royal Canin food for cats to enjoy.
As an international brand, Royal Canin is 100% imported in Vietnam. Royal Canin seeds for cats are also segmented into many products suitable for each pet object. Here are some cat food products with product prices you can refer to.
Royal Canin KITTEN INSTINCTIVE for Kittens: VND 92,000 / bag 400g.
Royal Canin INDOOR helps reduce the odor of cat waste: 95,000 VND / bag 400g

Royal Canin FIT32 helps prevent cats from becoming obese: VND 89,000 / bag of 400g.
Royal Canin HAIRBALL CARE helps support cat's tufts: VND 102,000 / bag 400g.
Royal Canin HAIR & SKIN CARE helps smoothen cat's fur: VND 102,000 / bag of 400g.
Royal Canin URINARY supports cats to treat kidney stones: VND 340,000 / bag of 1.5 kg.
Notes when using Royal Canin seeds for cats you should know
Royal Canin Cat food is easy to use and convenient to prepare. For dry nuts, feed your cat directly or mix food with water to help them chew better.
The amount of food and the number of meals a day of a cat are indicated on the product packaging

. This problem depends on the type of cat. However, a good advice for you is not to be too stereotyped, follow the instructions for use.
Based on the actual condition of the cat to adjust the amount of food accordingly. If your cat is a bit overweight for her age, reduce her food intake. And if your baby is underweight, increase the amount of food.
Should cats eat processed foods or fresh homemade foods are also questions that many owners ask. According to nutrition experts, you should combine these two foods to ensure the best nutrition for cats. Moreover, pet's daily meals are also richer and more diverse

Every day, feed your cat fresh food alternating with a meal of dried nuts or pate. If not, always store a bag of dry seeds or a few boxes of pate for busy times or be afraid to prepare for a nutritious meal your cat likes.
Just like humans, cats need a balanced diet for full development. So what to feed the cat, how much should be scheduled scientifically, specifically. With the sharing of Royal Canin cat food prices, we hope that you will have more choices to make your pet's meals more diverse and diverse to help cats stay healthy.
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