Royal Canin Nuts For Cats Are The Most Purchased Today

Royal Canin nuts for cats are currently interested by many cat owners. However, not all of you know which one is right for your cat or which Royal Canin nuts are most purchased. So let's find out the information mentioned above through this article.
Collection of Royal Canin nuts for cats
What is the diet for an adult cat? What cats eat to coat?
How to raise kittens with the most scientific loss
Royal Canin seeds are currently classified into 2 groups according to the age of the cat, including: products for cats under 12 months of age and products for cats of 12 months or older. In each group, there are separate product lines for cats according to each physiological characteristics or health condition, specifically as follows:
Royal Canin nuts for cats under 12 months old
In this group, Royal Canin is divided into products including:
Beads for cats in general
Royal Canin Mother & Babycat for pregnant and lactating mothers with 1- to 4-month-old kittens provide essential and essential nutrition to support weaning in kittens with food particles The small size and texture match the newly erected milk teeth in kittens which support the most effective food absorption and stimulate the appetite in kittens

. In addition, the easy-to-penetrate formula will help your kitten get used to dry food gradually and make it easier to wean.
Besides, when born, the kitten's digestive system is not yet complete and will develop to gradually improve in the coming weeks. Royal Canin Mother & Babycat contributes to the development of a healthy digestive system thanks to easily digestible proteins and prebiotics
Not only that, for mothers who are pregnant and breastfeeding, the product also helps supplement the necessary nutrients for mothers to help support the development of a healthy digestive system and brain for kittens

Royal Canin Kitten kittens aged 4 - under 12 months: Entering the weaning phase and switching to independent food independent of the mother, Royal Canin Kitten provides kittens with a diet that is guaranteed to help Strengthen the immune system through natural cat support during the second stage of the kitten thanks to its composition of antioxidants (including Vitamin E that supports the strengthening of the immune system). In addition, sources of protein, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium, kittens will be supplemented with maximum energy for this transition period.
Seeds for cats by breed
Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten British short-haired kittens under 12 months old: Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten products are made exclusively for the special jaws of British short-haired British cats through beads with a unique shape that encourages cats to chew. more carefully thus helping to support oral hygiene. In addition, with the right amount of protein, and precisely balanced vitamins and minerals help in muscle and bone growth, support urinary tract health and boost the immune system.
Royal Canin Persian Kitten for Persian cats less than 12 months old: Royal Canin Persian Kitten particles with a unique shape encourage cats to chew more thoroughly which helps to support oral hygiene. Not only that, with the high digestive proteins and prebiotics in Royal Canin Persian Kitten that help support the intestinal balance in young Persian cats

Royal Canin nuts for cats from 12 months of age
In this group, Royal Canin nuts for cats are divided into 3 groups, including:
By the way:
Royal Canin Indoor for indoor cats: The composition of the product with high digestible protein helps reduce the odor of waste - an essential factor for cats raised indoors

. In addition, the product also contains ingredients that help control appetite, protein balance and contribute to maintaining the weight of the cat because with cats raised indoors, their lifestyle is usually static and sedentary.
Royal Canin Fit for adult cats needing weight control: Products with ingredients that help cats feel excited and want to be more active. In addition to adjusting the calories accordingly to maintain the ideal weight for cats is also the main purpose of the product launch.
Royal Canin Sterilized for sterilized cats: Sterilization has many benefits for cats (increasing life expectancy, reducing complications during pregnancy ...). However, for cats with sterilization, the ability to gain weight uncontrollably is a cause for concern

. The Royal Canin Sterilized product line with the formula STERILIZED 37 helps limit the risk of excessive weight gain thanks to the moderate amount of fat in the daily diet.
According to pathology
Some of the common health conditions in cats are focused on creating their own product lines suitable to the nutritional needs as well as the living regime, Royal Canin nuts for cats in this group include:
Royal Canin Renal for adult cats with poor kidney function: With EPA and DHA, antioxidant and nutrient intake.

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