Scratching, Bleeding Dog: Read Now To Avoid Unfortunate Incidents

Scratching itchy dog, what is the cause? Why does this situation appear? Some common causes of this phenomenon are parasites, skin infections, allergies or yeast. In many cases, these illnesses need to be overcome sooner, if left long will cause great impact on the health of the pet.
Why do dogs with itchy scratching bleeding?
Bleeding itch is a common phenomenon in dogs when they have atopic dermatitis. In fact, this is the second most common skin disease in dogs. Some causes of this disease include: allergens, mold cells, unhygienic shelter or dogs from external agents (soil, sand, dog-to-dog transmission)

A dog with atopic dermatitis occurs when some of the environmental proteins are introduced into the body through inhalation or direct skin contact. When they precipitate creates an allergic reaction that causes atopic dermatitis.
Common allergens include pollen (from grass, plants

..), house dust protein / insect protein and some other miscellaneous proteins. When an animal is allergic, it will cause a strong reaction to these substances.
Dogs with itching are mostly due to atopic dermatitis.
The disease usually appears in dogs after 3 months of age, during the first 2 years of illness the dog's skin manifestations are not worth it, but by the third year the symptoms begin to clear up, the dog loses almost most body hair.
In allergies, the dog will feel very itchy, causing them to scratch repeatedly. If this condition continues, the wound may be more widespread and difficult to treat

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Signs identify a dog when itching is scratching and bleeding
When your dog has atopic dermatitis, some common manifestations will be itching, redness, and pustules

. In addition, parts such as the legs, feet, and abdomen will be most affected, but other parts are also at a very high risk of occurrence.
Watching your dog's scratching behavior often is another way to tell if you're sick.
Some key signs that you can identify when your dog is allergic are:
Dog scratching, rubbing
Skin rash
Hair loss, many areas have lost their hair
Scaly appearance and bleeding
Thick and discolored skin
Dogs with ear infections
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How to treat dogs itchy scratching bleeding
Symptomatic treatment
When dogs encounter this condition, we will have some books to help dogs treat this symptom such as using antihistamines, fatty acid supplements, shampoos ... are the ways recommended by many veterinarians. , especially for pets that are only mild.
The first step in treatment is to make your dog less itchy and comfortable

Antihistamines: This method applies to cases of dogs that are mild, not much affected, if the dog is already severe, this drug has almost no effect. In addition, when using this drug you should also consult with your veterinarian first, to avoid knowing how to use that affects the pet's health.
Fatty acid supplements: Supplementing with special fatty acids may help reduce skin inflammation. They are often combined with other drugs to provide greater efficacy.
Bathing your dog regularly is another way to help relieve itching and keep him clean.
Topical treatment: Medicated shampoos, conditioners and ointments can reduce itching in your pet or help treat the disease quite effectively. It should be done regularly and consistently to get the best effect.
One thing to note is that you should not use any human shampoos or conditioners because this can make the condition worse

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This therapy is used when the condition is quite severe, at this time need immunotherapy to cure the disease. This method works by injecting a small amount of serum into their body, after a while, many animals will reduce the reaction with allergens.
If your dog is itchy a lot, veterinary intervention is needed.
With this immunotherapy, it usually takes several months to several years to get results. Farmers can actively inject themselves at home, but note that it is necessary to consult a doctor before proceeding.
Immunosuppressive therapy
In some cases, if your pet's condition is too weak, this method should be used to improve the condition in dogs:
Steroids: Medicines like Prednison or Dexamethasone, called Corticosteroids, are often used to treat dermatitis because they are quite effective and safe. These medications can be used by injection, oral or ointment applied to the dog's skin
However, in some cases, repeated or long-term use of steroids may increase the risk of liver, kidney and diabetes diseases in dogs.
Steroids are medications used a lot to help relieve itching in dogs

Cyclosporine: Cyclosporine may be used for control.

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