Shave Blood For Poodle: What Is Blood Feather? Should I?

Shaving blood Poodle dog should or not is one of the questions that have never been "hot" for pet lovers in general and Poodle lovers in particular when the coat is the most typical feature of the Poodle dog breed. this. So let's find out and answer whether or not to shave blood for Poodle right after this.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT THE CATCH <<< What should Poodle do if he gets silver? Nutrition guide for Poodle Signs that show dogs changing teeth Rabies in dogs and everything there is to know! What is the fur of Poodle dog? Poodle is a special breed with a specific curly coat so the care and trim for Poodle is also a matter of particular concern for Poodle owners. So before answering whether or not to cut the blood coat for dogs Poodle or not let us reveal what is blood feather

. Like many other animals, blood is the first coat since the Poodle was born, is a pure coat and has never been trimmed. It is this blood coat that will protect the Poodle dogs from external environmental impacts to their bodies. Blood coat is the first coat of Poodle, this coat is quite smooth and soft
As a child, the coat of blood of a Poodle dog is still not thick and the color is not really clear so we cannot recognize what color they are

. Until Poodle grew up, Poodle's blood fur gradually shed or the owner trimmed the fur for Poodle, now the number of new feathers is much thicker and thicker. And this is also the time when Poodle's coat color is shown most clearly with colors such as black, white, brown, red brown ...
Consistent with the nutritional needs of Poodle
Should we shave Poodle dog blood?
If you know what blood fur is, the shave blood for Poodle will completely depend on the subjective will of every owner of Poodle.
Some people believe that blood hair is a special coat associated with the birth of a dog and if we cut the poodle's blood, it will affect health as well as make them lose the purest beauty.
However, some people think that when shave blood for Poodle, they will be more beautiful, hair will be softer and smoother

So what is the correct opinion, let's listen to the expert analysis of the benefits and harms of dogs with the following shave blood for the most accurate answer for yourself

Shaving blood will depend on the decision of the owner.
Benefits of shaving blood for Poodle
When we shave the blood of our Poodle, when the new hair grows, it will be more puffy, less curly, so we can easily trim and create more styling for our dog.
And just like the baby's hair, when shedding blood for the Poodle, the new coat will grow back thicker and more beautiful than the old one, so your Poodle will look completely new. , pretty and much more lovely.
Shaving the first coat will help Poodle hair grow thicker and more beautiful.
The negative side when shaving blood for Poodle
Although it is a new and more beautiful appearance, when we cut the poodle's blood, it will make our dog uncomfortable and itchy. When dogs are shaved, they will be quite new to their new appearance during the trimming period, so sometimes there will be extreme behaviors such as biting or rubbing their fur to ease the discomfort.
Not to mention that after shaving the blood of Poodle, we must pay special attention to grooming and grooming, bathing and protecting the dog's body because this time the dog's body temperature has been changed and the layer The protective armor was also gone

If you have shave your dog once, it is important to trim your baby's hair regularly so that it grows evenly.
In addition, we need to pay attention to the diet for Poodle in order to fully supplement important nutrients such as vitamin E necessary for stimulating and developing their hair growth.
So shave blood for Poodle will depend on the wishes of each owner, if you have a lot of time to care for Poodle after shave then do it. On the contrary, you have less time for your Poodle, you can choose not to shave blood for Poodle so that it does not take too much time to monitor and care after shaving.
A few notes when shaving blood for Poodle
If you choose to shave your dog Poodle to have a beautiful coat, it should be noted the following:
From 4 months onwards it is possible to conduct a shave for Poodle, the sooner it is shaved, the new coat will be more beautiful and smooth.
After the new hair is formed and developed beautifully, every 2 months we need to trim the fur for Poodle to get the fur into the fold and become more and more beautiful.
You should use grooming services to ensure your dog's hair is beautiful and tidy.
The way to shave a Poodle dog or trim it is quite simple, you can buy a home trimmer but for your dog to have the best fur as well as no health effects, we should bring Poodle goes to the shops specializing in dog shave service for professional handlers to perform with specialized appliances

After the Poodle dog was c.

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