Should Breed Male Or Female Cats?

Should raising a male or female cat is the question of many new pet owners. There are many factors that influence humans choosing cats to adopt. And you'll probably wonder if gender is one of those factors.
Will male or female cats be more affectionate?
How is the male cat's personality different?
What is the specific health problem of each gender? How do cats change after ovulation or castration?
Is gender really a concern?
How to decide whether to raise a male or female cat?
Through this article, you will get answers to all of the above questions. The article also provides useful information about male and female cats and explains why you need to learn about the sex of cats

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Should breed male or female cats based on natural characteristics?
Do male and female cats really have obvious advantages and disadvantages?
This is a very good question and is worth exploring. But what is the obvious difference between male and female cats - beyond what is obviously their sex -?
It seems that a lot of people have given serious opinions on this topic. An informal online survey concluded that 55% of people thought that male cats were more affectionate, while 25% of people thought it was more affectionate
The remaining 9% felt that the sex of the cat was not the emotional influence that they showed

So does the survey actually give real results or is this simply a subjective opinion of cat owners? This will help you determine whether to raise male or female cats better. Let's find out with!
Both male and female cats have a number of different natural behaviors.
Male cat
Believe it or not, male and female cat behaviors are clearly different.
When choosing between having a male or female cat, you may want to consider this. Many studies show that male cats are actually a little more affectionate than female cats. But there are other characteristics you should also consider

The male castrated cats can be more aggressive to other pets and even family members due to their high testosterone levels

Fortunately, cat sterilization can minimize the bad behavior of male cats.
Territorial behavior
Along with aggression, male cats are also particularly interested in their territory. In general, non-sterilized male cats will become more aggressive and extremely protective of their territory. Unfortunately, male cats often mark their territory as urine sprays.
The male cat always protects his territory very carefully.
Spray urine
Cat urine smells very badly, and unfortunately, a male cat looking to mark territory will spray urine both inside and outside the house. So, how to deodorize cat urine is also something you need to consider when starting to feed babies.
However, male cats also spray a very stinky liquid (not urine) that is milky or clear

While some male cats spray urine to mark their territory, other male cats will do so when they're nervous or angry.
If you're going to let your cat wander until he or she returns home voluntarily, be prepared to let the male cat wander more than the female cat.
While both male and female cats like to explore, male cats tend to travel longer than female cats and can go very long each time they do so.
Male cats can be considered more affectionate than female cats, but that doesn't mean they don't like fighting! The male cats are very competitive with each other and can especially fight with each other.
They also often fight with other cats to compete for control.
Instinctive protection
Male cats can sometimes go behind and protect kittens. This is their instinct to protect mother and newborn kittens from other adult male cats.
Love the owner more
Studies show that although non-sterilized male cats can be more aggressive and protect their territory in a more extreme way, they will still show a passionate affection for their owners

Mating habits
Once the male cat is sexually mature, he or she will want to spend most of the day searching for a mate. Male cats will be more likely to socialize with females and spend more time outdoors than indoors. Fortunately, sterilization seems to be a useful method to solve problems that arise when the male cat comes into heat.
For now, let's look at what interesting female cats have. In order to easily find out the answer to the question of whether a male or female cat is raised, you also need to consider the behavior and behavior of the female cat.
Both male and female cats have different oestrus seasons.
Female cat
Just like male cats, many female personality traits will depend greatly.

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