Should Buy Any Cat Claws (scratch Scratches, Scratching Tables, Scratches)?

Scratching the cat's claw is one thing every owner cares about. Scratch is an inherent nature of cats. Therefore, there is nothing you can do to prevent or erase their natural characteristics; Not giving cats scratch is no different than letting us wink.
Scratching helps cats remove old claws from their claws and mark their territory by leaving a distinct odor under their paws. If you do not have the right environment, cats will satisfy their instincts by scratching furniture such as sofas, carpets and your valuable possessions

. This is why cat paw tools were created. Buy the right claw and put it in the right place, you will have both a good cat and a nice home.
Cats are often itchy and therefore clawing will make them feel comfortable

Carpets are not something cats like to scratch

. The more scratched the cat is, the more frayed the carpet will be and the cat may even eat the wrong pieces of carpet. So it's not a good idea to scratch the cat. Therefore, you should buy a foundation poles with specialized material for scraping or combined with hanging hammocks. For example, a hammock is carpeted for comfort and the pole is braided with rope. Ropes are very durable and cheap, last longer than rugs and cats prefer them. Bark and trunk are also a good choice; But make sure the bark is free of bugs and the stem is not contaminated with chemicals.
Cat scratch toys come in a variety of styles, shapes and price ranges, from simple scratching tables to elaborate scratch posts
The size of the house, the kind of cat you want and your wallet will be important factors in buying a pole

. Cat claws have four main categories:
Cat scratch board
Cat scratch boards are the cheapest, either on the floor or hanging on a door handle. The table has a long thin shape, rectangular or circular, or cut into funny shapes (like mice, fish, rabbits, etc.). Flat rakes are usually made in a sloping (wedge-shaped) shape or are decorated to make the cat more attractive.
The extra décor will be made of ropes, cardboard, carpeting or other cheap, raw materials to accommodate the space and financial constraints. The weak point is that cats prefer pole posts and tree houses. As a result, your cat's claw can stuff her catnip to stimulate her.
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Scratching is considered a good "fire" for cats that are constantly itching

Nail rakes and cat scratches
Cat claw paws and cat paws are extremely popular, varied in style, size and price. The scratching pole is simply a short cylinder, covered with carpet fabric, ropes or other cat-appealing materials. Firmly, the pillar will last for long. Ideally, use a column that is long enough for your cat to stretch to its full length.
Cat scratch claws are usually taller than scratch posts. The tree is from floor to ceiling in length and is firmly tied to keep it in place; is especially popular because cats like to climb and see their territory from above. This will prevent your cat from climbing on your bookshelf or screen. The high claw rake also helps cats move and increase their territorial space, which is especially useful in cat houses

Claw paws are more suitable for kittens than adult cats.
Skillful or working: You do not need to be a professional mechanic to erect cat scratching posts simply; because they are easy to do. Designing hands will be extremely economical. Buy a cylindrical or rectangular plywood panel of at least 45cm in length and a pine or pine board with an area of 10x10cm. Make sure the base is well supported so the tower doesn't fall. Use wood glue to attach the base to the square of wood. Use a glue gun or carpet glue (make sure it is not toxic for cats) to cover the pole with rope (be careful not to burn your hands). So you've got a scratch pole

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Cheap cat houses
Because cats like a room that can capture the view, a low-cost cat litter house meets both the scratching instinct and the ideal back and hiding place for cats. House for cats as well as the scratch on, ranging from simple to complex, from cheap to expensive. The cheap cat house has a multi-storey structure (large, well-mounted cardboard tubes), covered by carpet fabric and cubic holes. Because cats have an instinct to explore dark, mysterious places, cat houses soon became extremely popular with most cats.
Skillful or do: Cat houses are more complicated because they require the design of holes and glue to shape the carpet. However, this is entirely possible if you have the time, patience and necessary items.
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The cat house is the most complete and excellent place to scratch the "kings".
Playground for cats
Playgrounds are a combination of scratching toys and toys that satisfy the cat's climbing and hide-and-seek instincts

. Shelter, hanging hammock, dangling toys, blocks, tunnels and other fun things are extremely diverse in design and type. The sky is the limit - of course, your money.
Playgrounds can be beautifully decorated and designed to ch.

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