Should We Bathe A Cat: Mistakes Or Mistakes When Raising “boss”

"Should cats be bathed and should they be dry or wet?" These are questions that many owners ask. Taking care of a cat is not so easy. Because cats are very sensitive. Especially bathing is no different than torture with pets and owners. Why don't you learn some ways to please your dog to cooperate with bathing? Refer to this article immediately

Should we bathe for cats?
Everyone knows the effect of bathing is to clean the body. Helps circulate blood under the skin. Especially with pets, bathing is essential because they not only make pets sweet
It also helps kill bacteria on the skin and pet hair

Cats are famous for being afraid of water. Therefore, bathing them is quite hard.
Cats are no exception. However, cats have a genetic trait: cats are afraid of water. Water is like a nightmare to cats. However, if you know how to bathe your cat properly, they will gradually adapt to even enjoy bathing. You use the following sequence to bathe the cat is not the horror of the owner or pet anymore

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Should bathe for cats: Wet and dry bathing is different?
For humans, bathing is always done every day

. However, for pets in general, bathing a lot is sometimes not good. On average, you can bathe your cat once a week or once every 2 weeks. It is considered a pet bath.
The rest of the day, when you want your cat to be sweet and clean but don't use water and soap to bathe, the process is called dry bathing.
Dry bathing is a time saver, so on busy days you can completely dry your baby.
So how is wet bathing and dry bathing different, let's find out!
Wet bath for cats
Step 1: Prepare before bathing
For the bath process to take place smoothly, there must be thorough preparation, perfect make the dog feel comfortable and cared for.
Prepare a brass bowl that is not too big. Add a little warm water

. Remember, just give a little bit so that your cat's feet Have another warm water basin ready next to you.
Shower gel, towels, dryer (when needed), incubators.
Use a dry towel to wrap around your baby to help keep his cat's temperature before bathing.
Step 2: Hold the cat in your arms, slowly release one cat's foot into the water basin and play as if you were playing with the dog. At this time, you can talk like you are talking to stabilize your spirit, helping your baby not panic. When your baby gets used to it, drop him into the water bowl.
Step 3: splash the water in the pot on the tail, then my pet. Note that one hand always keeps the dog from jumping out of the pot

. Well, it seems that puppies are accustomed to water. Fill the sink with water slowly and slowly into the bath water bath to wet the cat's fur.
Apply a shower gel to your baby and start a gentle scrub to clean the cat's fur. Massage Boss while maintaining conversation to make Boss feel comfortable.
After seeing that the baby has smelled good, use water to flush all baths clinging to the hair.
After the shower, you can use a hair dryer to dry out the cat's fur.
Step 4: Get a clean towel for puppies. You use your hand to gently press the baby to soak the water into the towel, do it quickly to prevent the pet from getting cold

. Next, use a different towel instead of keeping warm to keep Boss warm.
After showering, you can bring Boss to the sun to dry quickly. In case the pet is too cold, the skin is slightly pale, shaky, use a dryer to warm the baby's body.
Dry cat bath
For new senes who have cats, the concept of a dry bath seems new. However, in the winter or on wet, drizzle days, a dry shower is a way to save if the pet's coat is too dirty and smelly. Bathing with normal water can make your dog catch a cold and be afraid to shower next time.
A dry bath for cats is the use of a special shower gel to clean the dog's coat without using water. Naturally, this is not as effective as bathing with water

. However, as mentioned, in the cold season, it is extremely suitable for cats to stay clean.
A dry shower is the same as a cat's act of licking or licking to cleanse the body.
There are many cat bath products available in the market, and there are two types:
Dry shower powder: Use a shower powder sprinkled on pet. Rub talcum powder into cat's fur. The dirt will be sucked into the chalk. After 2-3 minutes, Sen can comb and brush the cat's fur.
Dry shower gel: With dry shower gel, spray directly on the cat's fur and then gently massage it to promote its effect, after a few minutes, wipe it off with a wet towel.
Notes for bathing the cat
Should you bathe your cat when he is too young

. The answer is yes. Owner should bathe the cat when the pet is 6 weeks old. This will create a habit of taking a bath, just like a cycle in a cat's life.
How often a cat bath is a controversial issue with cat owners. Because of the notion that regular bathing will take away the cat's natural skin barrier. Makes cat's skin dry and dog's fur is no longer shiny. So neither do you.

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