Should We Cut The Cat’s Claws?

Whether or not to give cat claws or cat paws good or bad are questions that many cats care about.
As a cat owner, you need to understand how cats work. Do not let because of ignorance that makes the wrong decisions affecting the development of pets.
Find the answer: Should cats be clipped?
Cats are close pets in many families. They are very lovely and like a soulmate

. For families with young children, they often play, cuddle, caress cats.
However, the biggest obstacle is the cat's sharp paws, often hurting people during extreme play. In addition, they often rake on soft surfaces like sofas, sponges or cushions and damage everything
So should we cut nails for cats?
If your cat's nails are not trimmed clean, she will accidentally damage the household items

Effect of cat clippers on cats
Cut the cat's claws to prevent the nail from growing too long and there is a risk of chipping, chipping or breaking and damaging the inner marrow.
Nail clippers are also a way to prevent cats from hurting babies or household objects. Too long toenails make it harder for pets to move. In the case of ingrown nails will stab into the flesh painful, can lead to infection.
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Should buy any cat scratch foundation?
How to make foundation scratch
Cat's manicure is harmful?
We often think cats like to be naughty. Cat scratching is like an annoying act of owner-control. However, the underlying problem is that when they scratch, they are exercising
This will both help train your nails and stretch your muscles

Second, claws are a weapon for self-defense, when cutting off the cat's paws, they will feel inferior, insecure and replaced by biting actions.
You should begin to trim your cat's nails from an early age so he or she will get used to getting them neatly trimmed.
In addition, the claws serve as a balancing tool as the pet moves. When removed, the cat will initially move more difficult. They will have to learn to walk. The nail clippers also reduced his ability to climb.
Also, when you do not do the right thing, cutting the nail too deeply will cut the flesh inside the nail. Not only does it hurt animals, it also has a major psychological effect, or cause further infections and injuries

Should we cut the cat's claws?
Cat claws bring many benefits to humans but to cats is more harmful than good. However, if done properly the method of cat clipping will not harm the pet so you can still trim the cat's nails. And we should only cut off the nail that grows too long without harming the pet.
How to safely cut cat claws you should know!
Cats are often alert and self-defense when they feel attacked. So you should not cut nails without prior preparation. About 1 week before cutting your nails, talk often, stroking and touching your cat's long claws. This will also make nail clipping later, faster, and it will not scare your pet.
Give your cat a paw or paw to make him a habit

. Massage your nails to make them feel normal and trust their pets.
Conduct a cat's pedicure
Prepare nail clippers. Find a comfortable place to sit. And always keep bandages, hemostatic powder in case of emergency. Prepare a little food that cats love to reward your baby.
When cutting your nails, you should pay attention to cutting small pieces, to avoid cutting the flesh, causing damage to the cat.
Choosing a time to cut your nails is important. It affects the efficiency of nail clipping and subsequent operations

. Choose when your cat is in a good mood. Not hungry, not full, not sad so your baby will be obedient. As a way to encourage and maintain the cooperation for the next time.
Step 1: Carry the cat in your hand, stroking the fur and confiding. Talking is a way for cats to feel concerned and safe around you. Handle your foot want to cut nails. Massage your feet and give your baby your favorite food.
Step 2: Once the cat is used to the sensation of being massaged, gently press the back of the foot so that the claws need to be cut out

Step 3: Determine where to cut. Only sharp outer parts should be cut. Inside the cat's claw, you will see a pink section, located close to the tip of the nail called a meat cushion. If you accidentally cut this part, your cat will be in pain. When you first trim your cat's nails, do not cut them too much, which can cause pain and fear.
Step 4: Use the nail clipper to place the part to be cut and make sure to not crack or scratch the nail. When you finish cutting a cat, compliment your cat and give him food.
Notes when cutting nails for cats
The first time you cut your nails, don't cut them all, but only 1-2

. After a few days continue. Cat's toenails tend to grow very fast, so owners need to check their condition often for broken or chipped.
Use special pliers to cut your cat's claws instead of using human clippers, as this will damage the cat's toenails. Do not cut too deep into the p.

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