Signs Identify Wise Dogs, Who Are About To Raise Should Know

Signs of wisdom dogs are an important concern of those who have just started to raise dogs. Choosing a smart, agile and emotional companion is not too difficult after you have mastered the wise dog options below.
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Signs identify wise dogs according to folklore
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For a long time, dogs have been a loyal and intimate friend in every human life
Whatever the circumstances of your life, dogs always accompany, shoulder to shoulder and bring joy to us

. Therefore, from time immemorial, his father had his own conclusions about choosing wise dogs in the herd through folk proverbs, passed down from generation to generation to this day. fruit.
Based on appearance characteristics
People often think of the "human nature", that is, the external appearance that represents the essence of the inner person. Similarly, when they choose a dog, the signs that a wise dog is often used by Vietnamese are largely due to the appearance of a dog.
"The best, second yellow, three cavity, four spots": this is said to be the way to identify wise dogs according to typical dog breeds, the most common and effective when choosing our dogs. These four types of dogs are typical for the most intelligent, intelligent, agile dogs including bred dogs, yellow dogs, tricolor (three colors) and spotted dogs.
"The head spots are raised, the tail spots are the meat": It is said that the wise dog breed has hair spots on the head that are thought to be elite and easy to raise
These dogs will often be very loyal and tend to protect their owners in all cases

. Meanwhile, those who have spots on the tail are not considered good and are advised not to raise.
"Leaving the tail on the left is for raising, leaving the tail on the right for meat": this idiom advises us to keep dogs that normally leave the left tail in the most natural state rather than remove the tail to the right. To be more specific, the dog has a key tail, which bends to the left, which is said to be agile and carries a general. They are popularly conceived to bring prosperity and prosperity to homeowners.
Tongue-dotted dog: Our folk often praise each other that "Not like a spotted-dalmatian". Indeed, dogs with black spots on their tongue or whole black tongue are often thought to be good dogs. This is the most effective way to choose a smart dog because the virtue that is dominant and clever is also able to cure their owners when being read by snakes.
Tongue spots in dogs are very rare and the simplest way to know wisdom dogs

"Quartet mai hoa": The sign of wisdom dog identification for this idiom is thanks to the special outstanding coat of the dog. On the instep 4 their feet often have white spots, may be large or small. However, there must be spots of color different from the whole body and must have on all four legs to be considered a general. This breed is often sought after by business people because, in addition to their common sense of wisdom, they are also said to be a symbol of luck, smoothness and "expensive purchase and sale".
"Quartet mythical": The next way to identify smart dogs is based on the number of small toenails behind their elbows. The dog grows 4 small toenails on all 4 legs that are told that they are "four noble crane", they are often very smart, bringing good luck and prosperity for the owners. In addition, when it comes to "myth", another feature of the dog's legs that becomes a popular wisdom dog selection is the "Sixth Crane". Now, "dewclaws" not only grow on each of their forelegs, but also grow two "dewclaws" on their hind legs

A close-up of a puppy showing signs of "Quartet legendary" in reality.
Choose wise dog breeds by watching dog generals
The notion that wisdom dogs are passed down by people above is not enough, the valuable dogs perceived by their grandparents must go together with the general. Especially, business people are often concerned with their dog's generals who wish for the luck and fortune to their career and life.
"White crane royal head embarrassment.

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