Signs Of Imminent Dog Recognition In 5 Seconds

The sign that a dog is about to give birth is a big question for those who are raising a pregnant dog, one of the most sacred moments of parenthood. After dogs become pregnant, overtaking becomes the most difficult period for them. Therefore, understanding how long the dog will be born and how long the dog will be born is necessary for the owners like us to make a part in helping the godfather of the puppies.
Things to prepare before the signs of a dog
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Know the date of the mating, the sign of the dog is about to give birth: You must understand this important day and understand the identities of the dog to be born so that you can be mentally prepared and tools to help the dog " cross the dance "safety.
Equip life support equipment: For the case of dogs giving birth at home, when there are signs of giving birth of a dog without a vet you should prepare hemostatic pistons, surgical scissors as well as antiseptic to prepare to support the dog's labor

Neonatal umbilical cord ablation: We can interfere with the puppy's umbilical cord cutting if we have enough experience. Please tie the umbilical cord part 1-2 cm from the belly of the calf depending on their size. Then use surgical scissors away from the puppies, cut the excess cord
The most important thing in this stage is disinfecting tools, make sure the objects involved in the process have been disinfected with 70-degree alcohol or 5% iodine alcohol and wearing medical gloves before performing

. manipulate you okay.
You need to be well-prepared for a dog's birth.
Signs of imminent dog birth
Drive-in stage
Identify through appearance and behavior
In the 48-hour period before the birth of a dog, the appearance of a dog is usually expressed through its appearance and behavior.
How to identify dogs about to lay through behavior? The most common indication that a dog is about to give birth is when she is about to expire. As a mother, everyone wants their children to give birth to a warm, soft and warm blanket. That is the habit of protecting children of any species. Therefore, the dog 2 days before giving birth, will often dig, gather the cloth rags into piles to prepare for her birth

You should lay the dog in a cool and cool place

In addition, one of the signs that a dog is about to give birth that worries the farmer is that the pregnant dog refuses to eat. However, this is just one of the very normal psychological manifestations in this species. Usually, 1-2 days before giving birth, the mother dog will show anorexia, eat little or not eat anything. Pregnant dogs do not eat very often, but there are a few pregnant women eat a lot, and easily lead to vomiting caused by the uterus pressed against the wall of the uterus. In addition, due to the growing uterus and squeezing into other organs, such as the bladder, the frequency of urination during the day is much higher than normal. dog's imprint.
In terms of appearance, the indication that the dog is about to give birth will be related to the mother's breasts. They will swell, the nipple will become bigger and the milk will be milky

. Around this time, you should pay attention to the color of the milk. If the color turns slightly yellow, that means the puppies in the womb are not in good health, and are having some serious problems.
Dog's body temperature: signs of a dog going to give birth
During the tracking of the dog's pregnancy, until the day of the dog's birth, you should measure the dog's rectal temperature regularly, 1-2 times / day to get the most accurate signs of a dog's birth. . When your dog's body temperature begins to drop below normal (38-39 degrees Celsius), fluctuating between 36-37 degrees Celsius, the good news for your dog family is that the dog will give birth in 12 hours. Please prepare the most solid spirit to accompany her dog throughout the time to pass the land!
Measuring the dog's temperature is also a way to check the health of the mother dog.
👉 How to measure dog temperature properly
Stage of painful birth
The indication that the dog is about to give birth in the early stages of labor comes from a change in the size of the cervix. The mother dog may also become petite and impulsive trying to turn back to lick her genitals

. What is more painful than having a baby, the cervix begins to contract and then cramp.
Because you have to suffer every pain before you accept the sacred responsibility of being a mother, you will see that the mother dog often whines, even breathless, gasping for breath and pushing her back up in waves. Once the frequency of pain, spasms increases, it is more urgent that the time of giving birth is only in seconds. The signs of birth of a dog as above are completely natural lasting between 6 and 12 hours before the birth of the puppy, so rest assured.
A close up image of a dog about to give birth healthy.
Signs of imminent dogs and how to give birth to dogs
During childbirth.

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