Signs Of Pregnancy Dog Recognize In 5 Seconds

The sign of a pregnant dog is always a problem for those who own a beautiful dog, especially when this is the first time she has a small life in her. So how to identify dogs pregnant, aware through the outside manifestations and behaviors like? Let's find out the following information to be able to diagnose the good news as quickly as possible!
Signs of pregnancy through the body
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Dog breast development
The question "How to know if a dog is pregnant" can be solved immediately when you suddenly realize the abnormal growth and change in our dog's breasts. When dogs begin to conceive, that's when their breasts become fuller to accommodate the milk they feed their puppies. At the same time, in addition to the change in size, we can identify signs of pregnancy through the change in the color of the nipple. The dog's nipples will become more rosy in the first 2-3 weeks after "conception"

Change in a dog's tummy
From the first signs of pregnancy, after about 4-5 weeks, when the puppies in the belly have started to develop, their weight suddenly increases, the dog's waist will become should enlarge and their stomachs become more rounded. Signs that a pregnant dog identifies through the belly will become most apparent, the bulge of the dog's bulge when the dog begins to develop from the 6th to 9th week of pregnancy. At this stage, if you observe, you will notice the lovely movements of the puppies in the belly
That's also when the good news comes to your dog

A close-up of a pregnant dog.
>>> LEARN MORE: TOP OF ARTICLES THAT ARE SURPRISING <<< Newborn dog full stomach do? Should dogs drink milk? How to bathe a dog with a simple foul What do puppy bites do? Pregnant dog signs based on behavior How to identify dogs pregnant through daily routine How to tell if a dog is pregnant is not too difficult if you pay attention to the following signs. Usually the signs of a dog becoming pregnant through expression and behavior will vary depending on the dog's personality. How can your character be so capricious then to know if a dog is pregnant? The most common manifestation of pregnant dogs is their fatigue and inactivity. Because of carrying small creatures, their bodies will become heavier. She devoted all her energy to nurturing those puppies. Therefore, the sign that a dog is pregnant is when she is calm and less active than before
Some will wrap you up all day to be a baby, to be loved during these important days

. However, there are also some dogs who will wander away, find a corner and enjoy that private space. Like many mothers, at the end of pregnancy, when their babies start to develop, all day energy is spent for their babies, the only thing they want to do is to sleep and get more sleep. Sleep is the best way for them to recover some of their tired body.
When our girls begin to be less sedentary and get more sleep, it may be a sign that a dog is pregnant. However, this behavior may also be due to the fact that they start to get sick. So, when you recognize the signs of a pregnant dog, you should take the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic to see if it is really true that they are pregnant. no!
Manifestations of pregnancy through eating habits
When dogs begin to enter pregnancy, how can they know if they are pregnant through a change in their daily diet?
When dogs are pregnant, they will usually have to eat more than usual to provide enough nutrition and energy needed for the puppies in the belly. However, they do not eat in large quantities at once, but often divide into small portions to eat little by little

. What's more, for first-time pregnant women, eating and drinking together can happen early or mid-pregnancy. They will often be accompanied by the acts "contrary to the sky", "early afternoon sun and rain" difficult to indulge the girls caused by morning sickness. These behaviors are all due to sudden hormonal changes in the female's body during pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, due to the fatigue and discomfort of the soon-to-born daughters, they will often eat less and sometimes will not.
As a dog breeder, especially dogs, you should carefully understand the signs of pregnant dogs through the abnormal changes in their diets so that they can have the right diet. provide enough nutrients for their bodies so that when they give birth they will be "square children".
Manifestations of pregnant dogs through the act of finding a litter
When the girls started to step.

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