Sterilization For Female Cats And Postoperative Nutrition

Sterilization for kittens is essential, helping pet cats have a healthy life. Today, in the cat breeding community, most of them let their pets go sterilization as soon as they reach the age. Sterilization provides a tremendous health benefit for females. So what does this surgery really mean? Why should we sterilize cats? How should cat's postoperative diet help him recover quickly?
Learn about sterilization for female cats
Sterilization for kittens is essential for the life of cats in today's modern world. So what is sterilization actually for cats?
Cat's sterilization is essentially a small open sinus surgery to remove or disable the cat's reproductive organs

. For female cats here are the uterus and ovaries. The process begins with anesthesia to reduce the pain of the baby during surgery. Once completed, the doctor will give you advice on how to care for your cat after surgery

However, is this surgery necessary for cats?
Sterilization for female cats and unexpected benefits
If you think a cat with sterilization surgery will reduce the cat's life span

. In contrast, sterilization is very helpful in helping cats to extend their life. Every time the estrous period comes, cats will tend to find partners. Especially female cats or male screams to attract opposite sex. Therefore, they are easy to unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, the period of estrus in a cat lasts. And again happening with high frequency. Usually, after 3-4 months of birth, the mother cat can get pregnant next litter
If you do not have sterilization, the more pregnant a mother will be, the faster the body will be tired and aging will be faster

. Therefore, to help cats live and stick with us longer, you should sterilize the female cats as soon as possible.
The sterilization will help the female not to give birth and reduce the risk of reproductive diseases.
Control of feral cats
Cats have a relatively short interval between periods of heat, so the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy is very high. If you do not sterilize early, the number of kittens born will be more. According to a research of veterinarians worldwide. A cat if not sterilized, right from the first litter. Within five years, it is estimated that more than 20,000 kittens will be born. You will find it very difficult to care for or entrust to others to take care of them all

. The situation of wild cats in society can be increasingly enhanced. As a result, the risk of infectious diseases coming from feral cats will get bigger and bigger. Not to mention, wild cats do not receive good care conditions, short life cycle. Therefore, for humanitarian purposes, if you do not intend to raise a cat to breed or to have a few litter of babies, you should sterilize the female cat as soon as possible.
Reducing the number of kittens is also a reduction in the pressure of parenting.
Reduce the risk of sexual diseases
Sterilization for female cats is complete, the frequency of children seeking sex with each partner will decrease. It is often advised that "No love does not trouble". Indeed, sterilization as soon as possible will help the cat reduce the ability to fight, scramble with other cats

. The physical damage will be less. Moreover, cats do not wander much, making them less socially exposed. Minimize the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections from male cats. In addition, diseases such as ovarian fibroids, cervix in female cats will be minimized. In particular, help your baby significantly prevent the risk of rabies, intestinal diseases spread through natural body contact in cats.
When female cats mate with many different cats it is very easy to carry strange diseases from the outside environment.
Improve behavior in cats
Do you realize that when cats get to the psychological point will be relatively abnormal? Maybe the baby will be more hyperactive, jumping and running nonstop? Or there are also children who are quite quiet, taciturn, not running and jumping much. There are also female cats who will run away from home, otherwise they will constantly scream

. Not only that, the baby will have anorexia phenomenon, moody. It is all due to a change in the female physiological hormone in cats. If you let this situation last long, if you put the baby in the house, do not relieve the cat's physiology, the baby's body will be extremely uncomfortable, leading to unhealthy consequences. Not only that, you will take a lot of effort to worry, greatly affecting your daily life. Therefore, sterilization for female cats will help stabilize the production of that hormone, balancing the physiological and psychological. Cats will be more docile, meek, gentle and obedient.
The female cat after sterilization also becomes more gentle and docile.
You see that female sterilization gives you many benefits

. Above all, sterilization is also meant to help you protect the perfect health of your pet cat. Minimize the risk of babies suffering from contagious diseases or incurable diseases from outside, uncontrolled cats. Minimize traumatic trauma in cats. Thanks to that, definitely for example.

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