Teach Dogs How To Go To The Toilet In Wc In 5 Easy Steps

Teaching dogs to go to the toilet in WC is not difficult and many people have done it successfully. What about you? Imagine every time you return home from work and see the pet waste you will be extremely angry. Especially for those who keep dogs in the house, this is really torture. How much will be leisurely if the dog is also tidy and neat like humans. What are you waiting for but not learn how to teach dogs to defecate in the toilet right away

Benefits of teaching dogs to defecate in the WC
Create healthy dog habits.
Keep the environment clean.
You will not have to struggle to clean the pet's battlefield every time they finish eating or when you get home from work

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What should I teach my dog to go to the toilet at what age?
For dogs that are too old or too young, teaching them to defecate in the right place will make it difficult for you

. Because an old dog is used to defecating indiscriminately like a habit in daily life. And if you want to change them is not a simple thing. Since old dogs are often slow, training will only make you more frustrated.
On the other hand, a dog that is a few weeks old, will not fully understand what you convey and is trying to make it.
Training your dog to the toilet takes time and patience.
The age of training pets to go to the toilet in the most appropriate place is when they are 3 months old. At this age, they will easily absorb what you say, understand the feelings of the owner, so it will be easy to distinguish what you do is right or wrong when you see the attitude of the owner
Especially with the pets you have just adopted, it will be easy to train successfully

Observe when your dog goes to the bathroom to teach him how to walk in the toilet
It is easy to tell when a dog wants to go to the toilet, usually the following times:
After meal.
Just woke up.
When newly released from the cage or chain.
For quick training to produce results, watch your dog for a few days. There are dogs after eating will go to the toilet immediately, but some others must after 10 minutes or 30 minutes. The time to wake up is the same. So you need to consider the correct time to bring them to the toilet at the right time.
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How to teach dogs to go to the toilet in the WC
Teach dogs how to go to the toilet in WC in 3 easy steps
Step 1: Pay attention to the area where dogs go to the toilet

. You can use a puppy pad soaked in urine and put it in the toilet. The purpose of marking the area is to make sure your pets recognize odors and understand where they need to go to the toilet.
Step 2: Take the dog in and let him smell the toilet area and explain it in words. You can shout "pee" or "poop".
Step 3: By the time the dog is sad to go to the toilet, bring the pet to the WC and then shout the command, then leave the dog in there for about 10 minutes.
During the training period, you should observe your dog regularly to know the time your baby is preparing to go to the toilet.
You should do this regularly to make your dog a regular routine. Whenever the dog is sad, go to the toilet and go to the toilet, and after about a week the dog will become a master

. If after 1 week the dog hasn't done it yet, stick to it for another week. Dogs are very intelligent, so just make a habit and they will follow.
Teach dogs to defecate in the tray
Keeping your dog in the tray is also an effective way to avoid cleaning up the battlefield when your dog is defecating indiscriminately.
Preparation: you can buy commercially available plastic trays at pet stores. Note, depending on the age and height of the pet that select the tray accordingly. Choose a tray with a low wall and not too cramped for pets to enter and operate faster.
Dog hygiene trays can be easily found in the market today.
Implementation: Use a pad soaked a little urine of the dog and put on the tray so that the dog knows where to go to the toilet

. Place the litter box near the kennel or the toilet. Take your dog to the bathroom and tell him with a voice command similar to teaching a dog to defecate in the toilet. After a few days, the dog will master the toilet in the tray.
Note when teaching dogs to go to the toilet in the WC
The owner needs to feed the dog at the prescribed time so the dog will go to the toilet to follow a set amount of time. Clear out any food in the shed when the dog is left over. Do not leave behind.
Reward your dog every time he does well. Do not get angry or scold if pee or poop

. This will frighten the pet and lead to a number of urinary tract diseases. And when your dog is afraid of being blamed for being in the toilet, your training will also be more difficult.
Training your dog to the toilet will take a lot of effort, but it's a way for you and your baby to be closer to each other.
Teaching dogs to go to the toilet is not difficult, but it requires the perseverance of the owner. Imagine when the dog has done this well you will be leisurely because you do not have to worry about unhygienic or afraid h.

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