The Development Of Kittens In The First 6 Weeks

The first six weeks of life are extremely important times in the life of a cat. This time will be of great help to the growing kittens as they can face a multitude of threats such as fleas, upper respiratory tract infections, etc.
Kittens will probably never achieve as fast growth rates as their first six weeks of life. The changes in kittens development from week to week are extremely remarkable. Now, let's learn about the first week when a kitten was born with PetshopSaigon

Week 1: Newborn cat stage
The newborn kitten is very light so it fits easily in the palm of your hand. The cat's umbilical cord will fall out in two or three days, but their eyes and ears are still not fully open.
At this age, kittens are very weak
The mother's instinct to be a mother will tell her what to do

. The mother will feed her, warm and bathe her with her rough tongue to stimulate kittens to digest and help her to defecate. The mother cat is very protective of her kittens and will move to a different location if too many people approach their nest.
If the mother has been vaccinated or has a natural immunity, the kitten will have the same immunity in the first 24 to 48 hours of breastfeeding. This immunity will persist until they are old enough and reach the age of vaccination.
Newborn cats need to be breastfed to have good resistance.
Newborn cats will weigh on average an average at birth and can double their weight by the end of the first week. Kittens are simply "tiny food processing plants" at this time because they only eat, sleep and go to the toilet
At this time cats have not been exposed to society much more than competing to breastfeed

The basic rule of thumb for a kitten is 8cc of milk / 28g of body weight. You need to gradually increase the amount of milk in each feed and reduce the number of feeds. A cubic centimeter (cc) is like milliliters (ml). 28g will be equal to 30cc or ml.
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Week 2: Kittens grow and develop
Kittens will continue to grow at an incredible rate. They can increase to 10 grams per day. Mothers should be fed quality foods to replenish the nutrients they lose during breastfeeding. After that, the kitten will be given the same food

The kittens' sense of smell is growing, and they will search for their favorite nipples on their mother's body with the scent. Kittens will also be sensitive to the smells of their siblings as they grow.
The first 6 weeks is the time when newborn cats grow fastest.
Week 3: Kittens develop awareness
The ear canal will be completely open and the kitten's hearing will continue to grow. However, kittens can be startled if they sound too loud. Their ears will erect at this age. At this stage, you should also start learning about how to clean your cat's ears to get the most important preparation steps for your pet.
Their eye color can begin to change, and the kitten's normal blue eyes will turn into other eye colors as adults

. The kitten's sense of smell also develops very well. Kittens can defecate on their own because their digestive system is growing. However, the mother will continue to clean her body until she learns grooming skills. If you separate your kitten too early, then you need to know how to groom your cat to help her clean her body daily.
Don't be surprised when you hear kittens howling. The kitten's baby teeth will start to grow and the mother will prepare for weaning.
During this time, kittens will thrive on their olfactory and nervous systems.
Week 4: Kittens begin to walk
Kittens will begin to stand on all fours around the third and fourth week

. They will try to walk, but the first steps in life are very unsteady. Their bodies are not fully developed, so their tails are short and "like a stick", while cats' heads are disproportionate in size. However, all of these conditions will improve as they learn to move skillfully.
Don't be surprised to see kittens escape from their nest as they are trying to broaden their horizons. Cats will also interact more with their friends, maybe even form cliques, regardless of gender.
Kittens will continue to be nurtured and wrapped. It is important to continue feeding your cat good quality food while she is caring for the kitten.
Week 4 is the time when kittens begin to take their first step

Week 5: Kittens begin to wean
Kittens will move freely at this time and begin to play with their siblings. They will develop consciousness independently, though not apart from their mothers and peers. This is a great time for kittens to interact with humans.

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