The Most Complete Puppy Training Guide

The right way to train puppies will help your dog become more wonderful. Dogs are an extremely intelligent animal and their thinking ability is extremely high. Therefore, you absolutely can teach them to become good, obedient and obedient puppies. However, in order to succeed, it requires the owner to have a perseverance and a tremendous love. Training is the invisible emotional connection that creates a strong bond between the dog and the dog

. The following puppy training guide will definitely help you a lot.
Basic puppy training
Set up clear guidelines for puppies
As soon as your puppy gets home, you need to set general guidelines from the beginning, which will make it easier to train your puppy later. For example, if you do not want them to enter the kitchen, set a barrier at the kitchen door
Gradually in the minds of the children will understand that there is a limit, they must not cross

Later, even if there were no barriers there, they would not cross that boundary. Because in the beginning they were invisible and had set up that place "No duty, no entry". Or maybe you do not want your dog to ask for food on the table, then definitely do not feed him at that time. You need to be persistent with your decisions, absolutely not because of a minute of softness but breaking the principle.
However, in the event that your dog exhibits bad behaviors, you should not yell at him. The more you scold the puppy, the more scared and distrustful you will be, that will give rise to a resistance. Such training of puppies will not work
Keep a cool head and a hot heart, persevering, patient, tough but still full of love

Puppy training needs a lot of patience.
There needs to be a reward
Puppies, according to age, are still children. Because of that, they must have enjoyed food or given something. You need to prepare some rewarding gifts for your dog when training. However, throughout the training process, you should only use a small piece of food at a time. It could be a piece of sausage, a few grains of dry dog food, etc., but not too much. Because that will make the dog full, greatly affecting the effectiveness of how to train our puppies

Some puppies will be more interested in their toys. You can reward your dog by alternating training with outdoor games like throwing and picking up things every time they perform well. These training techniques are not usually used for puppies, but are often used on 18-month-old dogs that require quick reflexes at higher levels and greater intensity.
You should use bonus cakes to motivate puppies.
Training tone is very important
Compliments are a must, along with rewards. They represent behavior recognition, perform well in your dog. When your puppy has the right expressions, you need to use a high, excited, excited voice to compliment your baby. As a result, puppies will feel more joy and excitement at the next training

. On the other hand, when your dog disobeys, use a low, deep, strict tone of voice to reprimand them. This helps the puppy clearly distinguish what is right and wrong and what to learn from the next time.
Training time is short
The right way to train puppies is to divide them into small, short training sessions that also change flexibly from day to day. The content of the exercises should also have interesting things, creating your own interesting points based on the personality of the dog, for example, along with favorite games and dishes. This will make the dog feel every day a new joy.
You only need an average of 15-20 minutes for a command is enough. In addition, every time you feel your dog is bored with exercise, you should stop training and take breaks. With the most comfortable mood and mood, the dog's reception will be faster and easier

. Therefore, you need to have a balance between training time and reasonable rest to train your puppy to achieve the highest efficiency offline.
You should not train your dog for too long in a session to avoid making your baby tired.
🔔 How to teach dogs to pick up things quickly and quickly
How to train puppies to defecate in the right place
How to train puppies to defecate in the right place is what every owner cares about. This seems to be a basic standard of a good dog. So what do we do?
Know when to go to the bathroom
Each dog will have a different time to go to the toilet depending on their size. For large dogs, the duration of urination will be longer, the frequency of defecation will be less than that of small dogs. Due to the body structure, the size of the bladder is large, holding more water. For example, Chihuahua will go to the toilet many times more than Rot


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