The Most Suitable Cat Toys

Play is essential for newly adopted kittens, especially if your family has only one baby. Kittens need to interact with their peers, developing the hunting skills they need in the wild. Play helps cats grow muscular, healthier and socialize.
Once the kittens are old enough to start interacting with the outside world, your task is to take care and play with them regularly. Kittens will trust you more and vice versa you will also understand more about cats if you play with cats often

. Play also helps cats reduce stress and can prevent behavior problems caused by not cats do not interact with society enough.
Tips to play with cats
We play with cats as naturally as we already have. Cats will also know what they like and will show you what games they like to play
However, there are a few things to keep in mind before letting your cat play that PetshopSaigon

.vn has listed below. Follow these guidelines to help you and your pet get closer - and improve the quality of cat games.
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When is playing cats most effective?
It is best to play with cats for short periods of time. Remember that cats are still young and growing so they are more likely to be tired and depressed. When you see your cat awake, it is a good time to have fun. You can play with your cat several times in the evening because he is very active at this time. Play with your cat at least twice a day whenever possible so your cat won't get bored from being alone for too long

You should not play with cats for too long because their bodies are quite small so playing for long, cats can easily lose strength

Help the cat learn
Try different activities to help kittens develop all the skills they need. Cats need to develop mentally and physically, so sometimes you should push them to work. Introduce games that stimulate climbing or those that require strength and balance for cats.
Teaching cats combined with play
Although playing with cats will instinctively hunt for prey, you need to let them know that jumping on your head is not allowed by distracting them with a toy. Also, do not let your cat bite your finger while playing as the cat will continue to bite your hand as he grows up. Play also helps you teach your cat how to react when you call his name.
Playing with cats is also the time you can train your baby to do some simple things.
Do not play if your cat does not want to
If your cat howls, they are extremely interested in that game

. But if they screeched and showed their claws many times, it might be time to end the game. Slowly stop the game so the cat can calm down when you put the toy away. Hide toys that are potentially dangerous for cats when you can not supervise them such as ropes, chains, ... Taking away toys will also make cats feel more excited when you let them play again. that kind of toy.
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The best toys for cats
There are many types of cat toys on the market - but the truth is that you don't need too many toys to attract the attention of cats

. You can buy many cat toys anywhere at an affordable price. If you want your cat to play with a new toy he bought at the store, introduce it slowly to him. But if you let your cat play too many toys at once, they will be overwhelmed and choose only one thing to play and ignore the rest. So, if you only let your cat play a single item at a time, they will focus entirely on that toy.
Cardboard box
Everyone knows cats love to play with cardboard boxes. On facebook or youtube, there are many videos of cats that are oversized but try to cram themselves into tiny cardboard boxes. Kittens love to play with cardboard boxes and you can make them more excited by putting toys in the box or connecting multiple boxes to form tunnels along with attractive inside dishes for cats. This is a simple and low-cost method that still makes it possible to enjoy your cat when you're away

. Cats like to play with cardboard boxes, but you will also find that cats often hide in those boxes because they feel safe.
If you don't have a lot of money, get a hole-punched paper box to play with your cat.
Head rake
Scratching posts are not only a tool for cats to scratch, but also a great toy for them. There are many types of scratch posts on the market, so if your cat really likes it, consider investing in a scratch pole that you can attach feathers to to get your cat's attention. . Some kittens aren't interested in scratch posts, but as they get older, cats will increasingly play with scratch posts. So if the cat.

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