The Safest Way To Bathe A Kitten

Bathing kittens has never been this easy. We all know that cats are very afraid of water. Therefore, bathing and cleaning the bosses also takes a lot of time for them to get used to. The first stage, how to bathe a kitten is very important because it will help shape the thinking about bathing the cat. However, how do we ourselves when bathing them clean but still safe, avoid getting hurt? Let's find out

Can cats bathe? How long can a cat bath for months?
Questions for cats to bathe? A few months' cats can bathe always make you hesitate to learn how to bathe kittens. In fact, cats are very afraid of water for a variety of reasons. Cat hair has a very special structure with many sexually attractive scents so the water can make this scent drift away but they do not like it
Moreover, the fur of the cat is quite thick, bathing it will lose the texture of the fur, the skin becomes wet, making them uncomfortable

However, according to scientific statistics, cats are one of the living animals prefer cleanliness. Some cats are really not necessary to bathe them because they have the ability to clean themselves. But there are still some cases that require special attention to the skin of domestic cats because they can be ticks, mushrooms, etc. then you need to take care, have a suitable way to bathe the kitten so that the baby is always clean, tangerine wrap with us. Can cats bathe? Okay, but you need to be gentle and adapt them to the bath. You can completely bathe them when you are 2-3 months old. At that time, the kitten's health was also stable enough to be resistant to getting used to water

You can practice giving your cat a bath as soon as they are small

🔹 How often to bathe a cat?
Instructions on how to bathe a kitten
How to bathe a kitten safely
Note when bathing the kitten
To be able to bathe a kitten successfully, you need a thorough preparation from the tool to the cat's psychology.
Prepare a dry cleaning tool: When bathing your pet, you should prepare tools to dry your baby's hair such as soft towels, dryer, comb. Because they will help you in the ready position, just showering the kittens can be dried immediately, avoiding the impact of the wind causing the baby to catch a cold. Cats are afraid of the sounds from the dryer, so a low-noise dryer will help you dry your fur more easily.
Choose the right shower gel: First, for the kittens, we need to consider this type of shampoo does the cat bath? Cats need to use a special shower gel, which is suitable for their delicate skin. Do not use shampoo shower gel for people because the texture of our skin and cats are completely different. Very easy to cause cat irritation or skin disease. A suitable kittens bath oil will help your cat replenish nutrients for healthy skin, does not cause irritation and especially helps cat's fur more shiny

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Bathing water for cats: As kittens are afraid of water, you need to optimize everything that can help calm your cat. Soaking in warm water may help your cat feel better. Protect cats' health, prevent colds. Bathing water for kittens is best at a moderate temperature, an average of 36-38 degrees C.
Use warm water to bathe the cat, to avoid panic.
Turn the bath into a play area for cats: will help your cat more interested in bathing. You can put them in a tub of kittens with their favorite toys. Kittens will feel joy there, and the fear will be lessened

. Since then, taking a bath will reduce their daily fear.
Cut your cat's toenails: it's important to keep you safe when you bathe your kitten. Any cat will resist some resistance when you expose them to water, especially the first time the kitten. So, to protect yourself by reducing the risk, you should trim your cat's toenails 1-2 days before bathing. Because cats often feel uncomfortable with pruning or harming themselves. Psychological instability like that should not let you take a bath right away because it is easy to cause confusion and fear. Therefore, to make things as convenient as possible, you need to have a good time to trim the nails and bathe your baby. See also: Set of cheap hair and nail care products
Don't make kittens an obsession: we all know how scared cats are

. So everything with cats needs to be gentle. They may run away from you, struggling with you in the bathroom because they refuse to take a bath. However, do not try to wet them in any way such as trying to splash water, pour water on the cat. This not only scares them but also "detests" every time you touch them. And the story of "bathing a kitten" probably never happened again.
A suitable bathing place for cats must be comfortable and pleasant.
Keeping the mood of the cat comfortable: is the most important thing to do when bathing a kitten. Once the baby's psychology is stable, the feeling is safe


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