The Secret To Successful Cat Breeding For Newbies

The secret to raising cats is difficult? If you have never had a cat, you may be wondering how to take care of your cat well the first time. Care includes getting used to, understanding cat behavior; In addition, make sure you have been and will be able to meet their needs for hygiene, nutrition and health care.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What to eat cats to beautiful fur? How to fatten a lazy cat Is the diet suitable for an adult cat? Does your cat have periods? How to understand your cat Cats are kind of mysterious, interesting and arrogant animals. The personality of the cat is extremely diverse from calm, gentle, lazy to energetic, localized, mysterious, shy, sociable and reclusive. Although famous cats are independent, there are times when they can interact with other cats and humans are very natural and relaxed

. Cats have an outstanding ability to smell, smell, feel and taste. Those senses are far beyond human. When you first adopt a cat, take the time to learn how cats communicate and focus on their emotions, attention and behavior
Cats live every moment

. They don't think what tomorrow or even two hours will do. With such a lifestyle, they communicate and act according to current emotions. Taking time to understand, you will be able to know when cats are scared, hungry, angry, playful or when they want to be quiet, want to have fun.
Cats are animals that live with their own emotions and interests.
15 things you must have before raising cats
Transport bag: Used to carry cats when going out. Transport bags are important to prevent your cat from running away. It must be well ventilated, comfortable, durable and easy to clean, can be carried on the plane if you are traveling or working
There are many types of bags with straps on and on the side to help users carry easily

. See also: High-class transport bags - Can be carried on board
Food and drink bowls: Easy-to-clean, ceramic or stainless steel bowls are a good choice for cats. Cats also like shallow bowls and thin rims for canned foods. See also: Eating cups - Cheap water bottles for cats
Food: If possible, feed your cat the foods they eat before you are with you. The more you keep many of their former things, the easier it is for cats to adapt to their new home. If you can't feed your cat the way it was before, choose quality, dry and canned food made to meet every stage of his life. For example, kittens eat kitten food. Consult your veterinarian about which foods are best for your cat. See also: 100% quality cat food
Cats are picky eaters, so dry grain food is a great choice for fastidious cats

Beds: Having a cat bed is good, but cats often find their own shelters in the house. Can be on a chair or sofa back. Keeping a blanket, towel on a chair, or a soft blanket for cats near the window stimulates outside vision and sunlight can pass through. Make sure bedding materials are machine washable. See more: Bed - Mattress for cats soft, easy to wash
Scratching tools: It is important that your home has a place for cats to scratch, especially for cats with claws. However, cats without paws do not mean that they will not scratch. Scratching is a natural feature of cats to grind nails, relax muscles, remove old nails and retain their smell. Observe what cat likes to scratch

. Many cats like to scratch fabric and other materials such as ropes or cardboard. If you're not sure which cat you like, it's best to have a scratching post and a scratching table. Families with lots of cats should have many cat clawing tools. See also: Top good, cheap cat scratches
If you have a long-term cat, wear high-claw nails to prevent your cat from scratching the house.
Toys: Newly adopted cats should be stimulated to be active and energetic. There are many types of toys to choose from. If you are a cat owner for the first time, you can choose small balls, catnip stuffed toys, shaggy rats and a furry fishing rod. As you begin to get to know your cat, you can let him play and adjust until he finds the type of toy he likes best

. See also: Interactive toys that help cats avoid stress
Cleaning tray: It is essential that you have a clean litter box when you first start cats. There are many types of trays on the market and it is important that if you do not use trays, your cat breeding experience will be very bad. Most cats will naturally use the litter box but if you have a problem with this. The sanitary tray is best to be spacious, clean and without lids (such as large plastic containers) and kept in a quiet place. Avoid placing the tray in places with lots of background noise that may scare your cat like near water, a dryer or a microwave. See also: Cheap sanitary tray, durable for cats
Sanitary sand: If you ask your veterinarian what their favorite type of sand is, many of them will recommend sandy, clay-free and odorless sand. Many cats smell bad. Because the fragrance


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