Things You Need To Do When Your Cat Refuses To Eat

A cat's refusal to eat is a major problem for "heads", especially when refusing to eat can be a sign of a cat's health problems rather than simply being bored. So what should the owner do when he encounters this case? Let's read the tutorial below!
For cats not to eat due to psychology and habits
Let your baby return to the diet as usual
Choose a food that smells good (usually pate for cats)
Do not forget to remove the worms for cats periodically.
Don't be too pampered and eat well in the first place if you don't want your cat to have the habit of chewing, "miserable before being happy".
Feed your cat in a bowl that is large enough and deep enough to prevent the whiskers from touching the sides of the bowl
Always keep your cat and cat clean and only use clean water to clean them.
Always remember to feed your cat according to a scientific regime and make them adhere to their principles to avoid the cat's refusal to eat when away from the owner, such as feeding at a certain amount, not overeating

. and too many times to eat.
Find out more about how to take care of your cat at: A cat who refuses to eat or is picky-eating is a common thing when raising a pet.
For cats not to eat due to pathology
- When the Emperor is sick, you should feed your baby a small amount regularly, every 1 to 2 hours to feed once and avoid the time the cat is sleeping

- For cats who don't eat due to illness, want to change to new food and don't like food everyday and you can also change brands, taste of food, sprinkle some chicken, fish on food, even is a bit of cheese or nutritional yeast to stimulate their taste buds

. You can feed them some foods like:
Cat food made from gravy
Baby food has chicken flavor
Boiled chicken
- Regularly reheat food: Hot food with a good smell and taste will stimulate your cat's taste buds. You should not reheat for more than 30 seconds if using a microwave.
Note: When your cat is sick, you cannot use that food anymore.
- Give your cat more water than usual
You can change your cat's food often so that he doesn't feel bored.
When babies are sick, their bodies are easily dehydrated. If they refuse to drink, add more water to the food and make sure the water and water are clean because cats like to be clean. This is extremely dangerous if your baby lacks too much water

- Use a food tip on your hand to let the cat lick

- You can also use a syringe to pump cat food (remove the previous needle)
+ Hold your cat in your arms, put the syringe in an inclined direction, not directly because it can cause food to leak into the cat's throat causing them to choke.
+ Put the syringe to the left or right and slowly pump it little by little to the end of the tongue.
+ During the implementation, change the position of the syringe to avoid rubbing into one position too many times.
Using formula, warm formula to replace liquid food is also a good idea. If the above solutions do not work, as directed by your veterinarian, you may be able to take medication to stimulate the taste buds.
Milk is also a good food to keep your anorexic cat healthy.
Besides trying to get the Emperor to eat again, it is also important to take care of His Majesty when he is sick. Here are some ways that Sen should do:
- Give your cat Meloxicam regularly to control the enzyme COX-2 to produce prostaglandin which causes the cat to have a fever

- Remember to keep the kitten warm
- Always prepare a comfortable sleeping place
- For depressed cats, you should spend more time playing with them, taking advantage of free time to be with them, such as when working, watching movies, sleeping, ... and not forgetting to praise, caress and feed them food. You can also buy another cat or dog to be their friend.
Here are some things you should do if your cat refuses to eat. If you have any questions, please leave a question in the comment section to get the answer as soon as possible!
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