1 Month Old Puppy Food: A Handbook To Read Before You Buy

How should food for 1 month old puppies be chosen? The real lotus journey begins with choosing a piece of rice for your puppy right from the first week. Here are some pretty good tips that PetshopSaigon.vn wants to share with the new dog-raising association.
What is special about the 1-year-old puppy's digestive system for food?
New real is the religion. In order to have a healthy dog, the owner needs to invest in taking care of the digestive system for children from an early age

. With 1 kg of dog food, in addition to higher levels of vitamins, proteins and minerals, puppies need to consume 3 times more calories than an adult boy. But, it's not like you don't eat it, stuffing it into a portion is right.
The concept of "people eat and eat dogs whatever" is completely wrong
Our food is often seasoned with additives when it is processed and it is difficult to balance the nutritional content of 1 month old puppies

There are foods we can digest but dogs don't.
Not to mention, there are dozens of ingredients in human food that seem okay but bring an "bitter end" to the babies, such as garlic, cinnamon ... Eat indigestion but also lose money to cure, only then chi only the right people for the right things.
However, not just "puppy food" will be a problem. Because the puppy's new digestive system is newly formed and still quite weak, the owner needs to be sensitive to sensitive symptoms to correct or get advice when needed

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Top 3 common digestive problems of 1 month old puppies
A weak digestive system results in a weak immune system

. Like babies, puppies can catch "pannier" disease. Here are 3 common types of intestinal diseases that the lotus should pay attention to avoid hug show offline. See also: Dogs suffering from intestinal diseases: signs and remedies
Acute enteritis caused by E.coli
E. coli is a common disease in puppies because their digestive system is quite weak.
Or the scientific name is "Colibacillosis". E.coli bacteria are usually parasitic in the large intestine, most of them are harmless but sometimes can cause unwanted symptoms, especially for newborn puppies

Cause: Transmission from mother to child, or the baby is breastfed
Symptoms: Anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, cold body temperature and coma
Remedy: Transfuse water, take antibiotics and follow doctor
Prevention: Take the mother dog to check for disease prevention, ensure a clean delivery environment and the puppies eat enough breast milk
Enteritis caused by Campylobacteriosis
The disease is most common in puppies under 6 months of age and is able to infect humans. Approximately 94% of dogs have Campylobacteriosis in the body, which then exits to the environment in the feces and causes infections to other species.
Campylobacteriosis has the potential to infect humans, so owners need to be cautious.
In addition, the disease can also be transmitted through water and dog food. How can a newborn puppy's immune system support it!
Cause: By faecal contamination, water and dog food are contaminated
Symptoms: Fever, vomiting, loss of appetite and lymphadenopathy
Remedy: Infuse water, take antibiotics and follow up with veterinarians
Prevention: Clean living environment, disinfect food / drinking water bowl
Giardia disease
This is a disease that children often suffer from; According to statistics, about 50% of puppies can be infected with this disease.
Giardia causes diarrhea, which in turn causes puppies to experience abdominal pain and anorexia.
Giardia bacteria are responsible for one of the most common infectious diseases in puppies. The baby's immune system is too young, and the crowded living space between siblings and mothers makes the possibility of infection of this disease increase

Symptoms: Diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue and loss of appetite
Remedy: Take medication and follow-up visits as directed by your doctor
Prevention: A clean living environment, always free of feces
To prevent these diseases, dog owners need to know how to choose the right dog food. In addition to helping children supplement the nutrients necessary for development, choosing the right food also helps them own a good resistance, to be able to fight diseases related to intestinal.
This food cannot be ignored when caring for 1 month old puppies
Like humans, the first stage of 1-month-old puppies is most needed breast milk. Because colostrum from mother is an essential food for puppies, there are many important antibodies, helping protect the dog from germs. See also: Should dogs be fed milk?
Puppies should not eat dry foods, especially human foods.
However, there are many cases where babies are born without many opportunities with their mothers. For example, if the baby is separated too early or if the mother dog is sick, it will be difficult for the puppy to drink colostrum from the mother.
In that case, farmers need to consider other types of food more suitable

. This is why on the market today, there are many formula products for babies 1 month old. In particular, the leading quality is the Baby Dog Milk powder line.

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