1 Year Dog Litters Several Generations

1 year of laying a few dogs is what every owner is interested in when it comes to the heat of her dogs. Childbirth is an important part of a person's life, so it is necessary to take care of the number of puppies a year. Help you track the dog's reproductive cycle, have a more thorough dog care regime.
Breeding cycle of dogs
Before learning how many years a dog litters, we need to have a little knowledge about the reproductive cycle as well as some notes about the pregnancy of the dog. Normally, when the dog enters an adult stage of 6 months or older, it will start to heat for the first time

. The time of heat for a dog will last quite a long time from half a month to a month. On average, each dog will heat up 1-2 times per year.
However, the breeding age for each dog will be very different
For example, for large dog breeds including Husky, Tibetan Clams, Pitbull, Alaska, Samoyed,

... their breeding age will be 18-24 months. The younger the breed, the sooner it will start breeding. And usually, dogs will be in heat, seek mates to mate in the reproductive age of 3 to 5 years after the first mating. After that, your dog will be too old, advanced age, difficult to mate and have a baby anymore.
Over 1 year of age the dog has started to heat

When to breed dogs?
Choosing a mating time is also important for dog health

. Because they do not have to start sex, they can immediately mate and have children. Taking an example from us, you cannot force a pubescent girl to give birth at 12-13 years, nor can you force a 6-month-old dog to mate because they Not quite ready for your puppy. If the female dog breeds too early, the chances of the dog being deformed, inadequate, and premature are very high. In addition, at that time, the mother dog may not be completely prepared for the first birth. Moreover, the age of the mother dog at 6 months of age is too young to have enough experience to care for their cubs, and they will really get in a lot of trouble, need help from the breeder. Maybe you are very impatient so your dog can give birth. However, you need to calm down, wait for them to reach adulthood, until the second or third stage of oestrus to be able to reproduce safely.
In addition, you should not breed your dog too late

. When the dog reaches the end of the reproductive age ie 3 years for small dogs, 5 years for large dogs, you should stop breeding. Experts say that the age is too big, they are too old to have enough pregnancy health. The chance of conception at this time is very low because the organ is gradually aging. The success rate of giving birth is also not high because the uterus and diaphragm are no longer working as well as before, causing difficulty in giving birth. Therefore, you should stop giving dogs as soon as possible once their age is too high, preferably 1-2 years earlier before the end of breeding age.
Should early breeding for dogs to ensure health for both mother and child.
🔸 What should a pregnant dog eat?
How many litter a year do dogs give birth?
So on such a cycle, how many litters a year does a dog lay? In theory, the mother dog will be able to lay 1-2 litter of puppies a year. If everything is perfect, good conditions of care, health is fully recovered, then after 6 months of pregnancy, childbirth and rest, the dog can fully regain heat

. However, for some women, after the first childbirth, the uterus enlarges, the muscles that support the birth are also weakened. They need time for everything to recover, the uterus and muscles to contract, less dilated. Too high a reproductive density will paralyze the mother's dog, poor health, conception rate and the overall rate of childbirth are very low. This causes a great risk of death for both the mother and puppies.
The standard set to ensure that all females are healthy reproducing is that the breeding distance for each litter must be at least 18 months or more. Throughout their breeding age, it is imperative not to breed more than 4 times to give your dog a good physical, mental state. So, besides being concerned about how many years a dog lays, you should also take the time to learn more about how to take care of a pregnant dog. To be able to take care of your dog wholeheartedly

Every year, 1 to 2 litters of dogs will be born.
🔸 Signs for pregnancy
Things to know when dogs are pregnant
After studying how many years a dog lays, now we will learn how to take care of a pregnant dog?
This stage is when the dog needs the most nutrients to be able to feed both mother and child. Therefore, you should give your mother specialized milk for puppies. These special nutrients are easy to absorb, perfect nutrition, and facilitate the development of a strong skeleton for puppies in the womb. In order for the dog's mother to be healthy, safe weight gain and pregnancy, the diet you should also increase from 15-20% when the pregnancy starts..

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