10 Ways To Help New Dogs Get Acquainted With The Old Dog

Dog novice dogs difficult? When you have a new dog, in addition to getting used to the new habitat, you need to introduce it to the old dogs. Because in the future, whether old dogs and new dogs get along well depends on the impression they get when they first meet - and what you need to do is the first time they encounter each other is to create. friendly atmosphere between them.
When we humans get to know each other - we go straight to each other, look straight into the eyes and shake hands to close the gap. But dogs like to get to know each other in a more clumsy way

. A direct approach between unfamiliar dogs can strain them or even fight.
Moreover, dogs are animals that follow the hierarchy in their own world. Having a new dog in the house means that the system will be disturbed until the dog has a definite place in the pack

The first meeting is very important and can set the stage for a relationship later

. To help dogs become brothers rather than enemies, PetshopSaigon.vn would suggest 10 tips to help dogs get acquainted with old dogs simply.
In order for the new dog to get along well with the old dog, you need to be patient and wait.
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Dogs get acquainted with old dogs by meeting 1-1
Many dogs are not natural at the park because they are quite afraid of strange dogs. So, if you have a lot of dogs, you should not let new dogs meet all the old dogs at the same time but let it meet one by one.
Have your dog meet in places other than the old dog's territory
Avoid letting new dogs get used to the old dogs in areas belonging to the territory of the old dog because this can make them feel like new dogs are trying to infringe on their place. Make your dog acquainted in a place where the dog has not been marked as a sovereign

Let the old dog smell the urine of the new dog
Sometimes it's too stressful to get to know each other, the new dog will pee to "relieve stress"

. Old dogs will be able to sniff urine and get used to new dogs in this way.
Smelling the urine will help the 2 dogs get used to each other better.
Dog dogs are new to old dogs in the open space
Introducing dogs to each other in tight spaces can stress them out. But that doesn't mean you should let your dog run around. Keep your dog on a leash but leave the leash loose and allow him to meet in the backyard or open space to create a sense of comfort.
If your old dog is gentle, then you can release the leash and let the dog reach each other the way they want. However, you should still control the leash so that if they are aggressive with each other, you can still control them.
Do not introduce dogs when you are holding them high
Carrying a new dog and introducing it to an old dog can be stressful

. You should put your dog down so they can get to know each other normally. If the situation is too tense, then pick up the dog.
Pet dogs are not recommended when introducing two dogs, because it will make a difference in rank among dogs.
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While walking, introduce a new dog to an old dog
If you give your dog a walk to introduce him, for example, if you walk between the dogs, the meeting will be much less stressful.
Keep yourself calm
Your dog can also sense your emotions when you introduce them to each other. If you are nervous, nervous, or excited, so can your dog. It is best to be calm, breathe slowly and be comfortable with your dogs.
Avoid bringing toys or food for both dogs
Meeting a new dog is already stressful enough - so if you bring toys or food, the stress will escalate out of control

. Because old dogs will feel that you have a newer dog, giving them more food and toys that lead to jealousy, at worst they can fight.
Do not let new dogs get used to old dogs for too long
Introducing dogs to one another is so much. A meeting with a reasonable time will leave more fun than stretching and becoming stressful.
You should let your dog meet an old dog about 15-30 minutes, do not take too long to avoid confrontation between the two dogs.
Allow 2 dogs indirect contact before meeting each other
You can get your dog to know each other first before actually meeting each other by letting the old dog smell the urine of the new dog or putting them close but not really introducing them to each other (such as taking them on a walk but a few meters apart).

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